Jul 20 2017

Succubi Image of the Week 496

There are some pieces of succubus art which offer something very special. A different idea of succubi, how they hold themselves, what their forms are. This week on the Tale, a piece of art that I think offers a story to tell.

Nipple Hats by Tentaclejuiceart

Nipple Hats by Tentaclejuiceart


This work is called Nipple Hats and is by the artist Tentaclejuiceart. You can find the original page with this art on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found on DeviantArt here.

Overall, this is just a really unique succubus character in so many ways. The little touch of the glow in her eyes that matches all of the other glowing part of her form is delightful, While the overall drawing might not seem all that complex, to me there’s a lot of character and personality to be seen. There’s a little hint of fangs, which I think just works well here, and as well the little touch of her garter and necklace give that needed bit of style to her overall look as well.

Lovely, sexy, and that little touch of devilish delight are a perfect combination.




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    Her expression seems as though she was just told something that struck her as heartfelt, endearing, and were words meant for her and her alone.

    Perhaps she was expecting these words, perhaps she wasn’t… but they look to have been appreciated all the same.

    But that is merely the story that I read in this… because I would like to think that we all appreciate being told by particular someones that we really do matter to them.

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    Sometimes it is said folks wear their hearts on their sleeves . . .
    Sometimes, as you can see, I wear my heart all over . . . and nothing else . . .
    Sometimes, all your passions become sweet and romantic and gushing . . .
    Sometimes, when that happens, I’m your succubus . . .
    Sometimes, you might think that’s not seduction . . . but you’d be wrong . . .
    Sometimes, when your feelings of love and desire are overwhelming, I’ll be there . . . and . . .
    sometimes . . . just sometimes . . . when I am . . . well . . .

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