A Review of Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters

Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters

Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters

Sex alone is not a story, at least not a good one and certainly it lacks in many ways if one is looking for interesting characters. Describing sex isn’t telling a story, it’s sort of like watching an adult movie and then trying to tell someone that hasn’t seen the movie what the porn stars are doing as graphically as possible.

A review then today of a work with three chapters, three different encounters with the same succubus character who tells of each one. But while that part of the story is told, the story of the succubus herself isn’t and that’s a problem. Sex alone doesn’t make for a good story, and three short, fleeting moments do not make for good heat or allow for something more important. A story to be told.

It tells of:

A succubus who isn’t there to hurt you? A succubus who likes to be spanked? A succubus who enjoys rough sex? Please this succubus and your dream girl will be back for more!

Jezebel tells of three encounters in which her needs as a succubus are fulfilled in the most dirty ways possible of course, because that’s what she enjoys the most. Being what men dream of can be fun, but her delight appears when they come for her.

The work is a series of very short hot flashes that tell of Jezebel appearing to three different men and what each wants from her. The heat, at least for me, wasn’t much so and that mainly came from the speed at which each encounter passed, the feeling that little time was spent in developing Jezebel as a character.

Jezebel is a succubus, there’s no question, but she’s never seen as herself. She’s always appearing as someone else, be that a fantasy that doesn’t exist or a need that is seen every day. She talks about her need to feed on each man, what they give to her, but there’s nothing much said about her real form and that was a shame. More so, it’s clear from her actions that she isn’t a stereotypical succubus, which I liked, but there was no attempt to explore that part of her character, which left a lot of story untold and disappointed me.

The story is told very quickly in each part, there’s almost no time for setting up the story, laying out what Jezebel thinks outside of being the right form for the man she has been attracted to. As well, in one part, she mentions she’s been coming back to one man, but that story is skimmed over on the way to still another male dominant porn film scene with little meaning other than Jezebel getting what she wants in the end.

The work tries to be erotic, but the scenes are told in a rush, are more porn than erotic overall. There’s some bare hints of story, thread that I really wanted to know more about, but they were seemingly dropped in for the sake of doing so and not much more. Jezebel is interesting as a succubus, but she’s not developed as a character and she really needed to be.

The work needs one more editing pass, certainly to have more story told as well. The erotica meds more heat, more passion and there’s not the emotion that there should be at times. But Jezebel herself is the real shame, being a succubus isn’t who she is and that’s the story that was missing for me.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work is far too short, really only a trio of adult movie scenes barely connected together. There’s no development of Jezebel, no real understanding of her personality, needs or anything else beyond the point of her needing to feed from those she is with. That’s a problem because sex alone isn’t a story and this work is mainly sex without a story to tell.

I’d like to know more about Jezebel, to see who she is, what her thoughts are beyond that of mostly drooling over the snacks she is about to enjoy. Telling that story with some heat would be far better than what’s here. As bits of movie scenes, there’s something here, but as erotica with a story, the work falls far short of what it could have been.



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    • James on July 5, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    Very often, I know how Your Majesty feels about a story being reviewed in the first sentence of the review. Today, I knew in the first six words.

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