June 27, 2017 archive

A Review of Incubus Touch by Siryn Sueng

Incubus Touch is an eBook written by Siryn Sueng

A review this time on the Tale of the first work in the Polar Nights series by Siryn Sueng. The series is set in a place rarely touched on in fiction, the themes are lovely and there’s a mystery to unfold that ties things and characters together quite well. The needs of one’s soul sometimes are …

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A Review of Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Motivation is an interesting theme to use, the idea of who wants something and what they are willing to do. That said, if the story can’t quite bring that out, or moves that idea aside for the sake of an erotic hot flash, there’s something missing. Overall, that’s the problem with a good idea being …

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