Together by TeraS

A bit of a scattered story today on the Tale … something which, in some ways, offers a thought, a wish, an expression. Sometimes there are moments when … there’s a need … something to hold onto …

By TeraS

Once, long ago, it was a dream.

It was a dream of finding a soulmate, a love. It was a wish, nothing more and nothing less, to find fingers laced with another’s, sharing a knowing smile; to look across a room and in that moment, without fear, knowing that wish had become real.

Once, not so long ago, it was a wish.

Having found each other was, in itself, a wonder. There was the knowledge of what would never be, could never be, but it wasn’t important. The sun would rise, each and every morning, without fail, and with that promise came the wish they shared. Being told that it would never be, could never be, didn’t matter. The first wish had become real, and faith mattered.

Once, unexpectedly, a wish became reality.

It was the discovery of a gift hidden away, protected until the moment came to be revealed. It was a daughter they knew on sight, without question—perhaps a little naughty, but her giggles filled their home.

Twice, that wish turned real.

It turned real in a mother’s gift to her daughter, opening her eyes to what could be: alone in the world, seeking a family, seeking to belong; finding a sister, then mother and father—a family who wanted her, regardless of the past, holding a promise that she would look after the future of the Realm.

Once, a dream became something more.

A wish began a tale never-ending, the telling of one soul, once alone, seeking love. It began the tale of a promise given, a journey begun. That tale was now one of a Realm, a place where the promise of hope within is matched by the desire without.

Once, a hope never expected to be.

A hope of a family together, seeking their way, trusting in what will be, despite all odds came to be.

Once a dream became a wish became a reality became a hope, which was more than reality. And once, just once, that became a tale … a universe of possibility.

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    • James on December 26, 2017 at 10:55 pm

    As Your Majesty knows all too well, hopes and dreams and possibilities are the basis of everything in the Succubi Realm . . . and, quite possibly the Human Realm, too.

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