June 23, 2017 archive

A Review of Succubus Summer by Indigo Fulmen

Succubus Summer by Indigo Fulmen

A review this time on the Tale of a new series which tells the story of a woman being possessed by a succubus and how her life turns and the truths that she is made to confront. It’s an investing concept, one that hasn’t really been explored and there’s some promise as a whole. Where …

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A Review of the Wicked Futa Succubus series by Reed James

Naughty Succubus Fun by Reed James

I’ve reviewed several works by Reed James from time to time here on the Tale. The author is very prolific in their writing, publishing a remarkable number of books each month on various subjects. I’ve found the singular problem with this author is that there isn’t enough focus on storytelling for the sake of getting …

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