See by TeraS

This time, a short story that has been languishing out of sight for quite some time. Perhaps not the most wonderful of stories, it is so dearly short, but, we’ll…

By TeraS

A mirror is not always a mirror. Sometimes a mirror is a doorway that allows perchance an opportunity to examine oneself. Or, in the case of one particular mirror in the possession of a certain red-tailed Queen of the Realm, it provides an alternative view.

It is in confronting that view, coming to terms with it, that one’s own reality is shaped. For each in the Realm, those with horns and tails, there is a mirror, a reflection which speaks to them whether they wish to listen, or not.

The mirrors vary in size and shape, they are almost endless in their form and purview. They reflect and contrast the reality that light spills onto them, bringing to some understanding and to others something less so. But it is a matter of choice, if one listens to the other in the mirror, or even accepts their existence in the first place.

For the other in the mirror, their reality is a ‘what-if’ a ‘could-be’. The path untaken or still awaiting the moment to be, if ever. At least, to some, that is what they see. It is the surface expression of their other self, the darker for some, lighter for others, aspects that remind they are free to choose, but should choose wisely.

One needs however, to see.

That is not simply what is seen in the reflection but more importantly, to see what is offered within the mirror. The expression of that understanding is to accept oneself, but also, to accept the other within themselves and this is where the true gift of seeing is revealed.

Within the mirror, those in the Realm are the reflection, the hope and promise given from a Queen who chose to be better, to seek more for her kind.

In doing so, she, through them all, sees.

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