June 18, 2017 archive

A Review of The Offer by L.L. Frost

The Offer by L.L. Frost

There’s a thing about Tera, the Queen of the Succubi,that many don’t know. She loves baking, much like the real world Tera does. There’s something about baking that I think offers delights to tell. Some erotic, some just in the love of creating. This time on the Tale, a review of the first work in …

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A Review of Incubus by Matthew Slough

Incubus by Matthew Slough

Book summaries are interesting things. They offer a glimpse of the story behind the cover. A suggestion of what might be told, an outline of the story that awaits and the promise it hold. The problem comes when the book summary offers a story that is interesting, but half of the summary doesn’t actually appear …

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