A Short Student Film called Evil Succubus Firy

A series of three YouTubes that have an theme connecting them all. These are the works of a group of talented students and I wanted to share them because there’s an interesting little comment made about them. There is what is described as a “Good Succubus” in the series and that interested me.

Evil Succubus Firy

Supernatural Killers Episode 1

Supernatural Killers Episode 2

If you cannot see these short films here on the Tale, please try these links:




Here is an image of the first succubus in the series, the other two films have a different actresses in the role, but overall their actions about about the same as in the first film.

Evil Succubus Firy

The three films follow overall the same plot, which is a succubus comes to Earth, encounters some not so nice men, and then turns the tables on them. For a student, or as with the later two works, I think there’s a lot of good production in the three films, certainly the latter two look a bit more professional in the title cards and so on.

Some of the sound is a bit hard to hear and the sound effects are a bit loud compared to the rest of the film. The plot is a bit thin, but there’s just something about these works that I thought was interesting otherwise.

I’d like to have a bit more plot around the succubi characters, to tell more about them other than their names. Perhaps in following episodes that might be a point to get into further, we’ll have to see I suppose.

I will be following this series, it has my interest and I’m hoping the group will spend a little more time on plot and character development than they have so far. Being they are learning about making films, that might be something to consider.




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    • RKBKirin on June 18, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    They look like fun 🙂 But the first video appears to be unavailable (for me at least) Is there another link or did Youtube remove it for some reason?

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    • James on June 18, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    It was unavailable for me, too.

    “(A) succubus comes to Earth, encounters some not so nice men, and then turns the tables on them.” Sounds like many tales of a certain succubi . . .

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