Succubi Image of the Week 491

Sometimes there is succubi art that I discover that, at least to me, cries out for an online comic series to be created around them. There’s something about their look, how they are drawn, that suggests there is a story to be told about them. That they aren’t what you might expect them to be and I enjoy wondering about that…

MGC#9 Succubus by Crazy-Leg

MGC#9 Succubus by Crazy-Leg

This succubus art is part of what is know as the 30 day monster girl challenge that artists sometimes attempt from time to time. This work is by the artist Crazy-Leg on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here with this art and this artist’s page on DeviantArt can be found here.

She just makes me smile more than anything else… Wonderful expression, her eyes are so delightfully drawn and there’s really some telling emotion within them. A cute pose and tail, wonderful messy hair, and her overall look is just something that seems to be at home in a comic series that’s fun.

I wonder what that would be like, what stories she would be involved in, what happens to her. I want her to be a little silly, a little innocent. It’s just her poise and expression that make it seem like she’s not your usual succubus. Something I so do enjoy…



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    • James on June 21, 2017 at 1:19 am

    “Oh my,” say those eyes, “I wonder what mischief I can get into today . . .”

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