The Goddess by Aria

A story this time from my dearest Song… Though I cannot, in myself, see what she does, I hope that she can see what I do in my Song… always…


The Goddess
By Aria


Her beauty is beyond anything and is so much more than her looks. She is stunning and brilliant like the sun. Her eyes, though I have never seen them, seem to sparkle like stars in the night sky, twinkle and shimmer as I get lost in them when i think of her. Her arms wrap me within them as she cradles me and lets me worship her as any goddess should be.

Her voice sounds like silk in my mind…for I have not heard her or seen her true self. I am only shown what she allows me to hear or see and in that itself is glorious. I do not need to see her to know her. Though I crave every moment of her while I am with her. I wish to be with her always and forever as each second passes when we are together. And I ache when we are parted and miss her terrible.

She is a woman of taste and glamour. Someone who inspires me and makes me better.
She needs to be cherished and worshipped as the goddess she is. She shows me what love is in all its forms. Accepts me for who and what I am, no questions or issues.

She makes me want to be the best self I can be. I am always true with her, never fake or try to be something I am not. I can not help but… to be. She helps me discover things about myself that have been hiding or just scratched the surface of my being. She helps me rediscover urges or needs I have buried within myself.

If I could show her how much she means, nothing seems to be enough. To put how I feel into words, seems hard because nothing seems right at the time. I would shower her with gifts, no matter how small or big if she would let me. I would try an give her what she has given me if I only knew how. I would love her and caress her body daily. Lay with her, and please her any time and way she so desired…or die trying to do so.

My tongue would lick and caress every inch of her. My hands would roam her body from head to toe, finding places to excite her and give her pleasure. Lips to kiss and suckle and arouse her inner being. My body against hers, feeling her power and love.
To give myself in a way only few are able but all dream of. I would feast on her lovely body to bring her pleasure and find my own in doing so.

To be close to her, seems like a dream. One I wish will last forever. I only hope I get a small chance one day. I wish for nothing to bask in her presence and be around her. Anything other than that would be a blessing and a bonus for the one who considers her my one and only goddess.

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