June 9, 2017 archive

A Review of Demoness by Misty Vixen

Demoness by Misty Vixen

Not all stories I review on the Tale have characters that are succubi, some of them have aspects of being a succubus, but it isn’t all they are. In the same way, not all stories about succubi have to be just about their sexuality, it can be about who they are, what they seek and …

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A Review of The Wrapture by Castiel Vitaro

The Wrapture by Castiel Vitaro

There are quite a number of BDSM themed works that have appeared of late, some of these having succubi and/or incubi characters appearing within the pages. I’ve found it interesting the personality traits that are applied to many of these characters, which are, as a whole, quite exclusively dominant in nature. That does make sense, …

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