A Review of The Horniest Angel by Alana Church

The Horniest Angel by Alana Church

The Horniest Angel by Alana Church

One of my favourite authors is Alana Church, who wrote a wonderful series that I’ve reviewed on the Tale and you can find a list of those reviews here on the Tale. The series was a delight for me, especially in Althea, who I adored, in many ways, as a literary succubus sister. Recently Alana has returned to Althea’s universe to tell another story and in doing so she’s given a splendid gift as well.

There’s always the question, once a story comes to a close, as to what happened next. It’s a rare thing to discover how things unfolded, what came from the choices made and what the characters are doing. In telling that, Alana has brought a new delight for me, an angel that reminds me very much of someone I love dearly. Not to mention Alana’s little twist on angels which just made me smile and reminded me of why I love her so dearly as a friend and more.

The work tells the story of:

Doriel the angel is bored in heaven. When she gets a chance to go to earth, she takes it eagerly. Little does she know that waiting for her is a horny succubus and an encounter with a young human who will change her life forever. She may have been sent here to take his soul, but Nate Garner is going to have to deal with “The Horniest Angel!”

Doriel has a problem and for an angel it’s a telling one. Being bored is never a good thing and it can, sometimes, lead to unexpected things. Offered a chance to visit Earth to solve a mystery, she jumps at the chance, discovering what succubi really are. But success leads to another quest, one that she isn’t pleased with, but that’s not true of the focus of her attention, and that leads to a choice that is anything but boring.

The story follows Doriel, an angel who’s delight with heaven is a bit strained of late, who is in search of something more than she’s been able to find. In telling this part of the overall story, there’s a good deal of mythos constructed with angels and heaven that I dearly enjoyed. The mix of personalities is wonderful, Doriel’s personality really shines and she very quickly becomes adorably fun. What’s more interesting is the little bits of past told about her in passing which reveal she’s more than she seems, has been through much, and it’s that internal monologue and thought which brought the depth her character deserved.

In part of the work, Doriel is set to find a succubus called Althea, to discover how she was able to do the impossible. For me, the moment when Althea appears, what’s happened in the time between her last appearance and this one, tells so much. Knowing what happened with Althea and her wife brought me to tears, and if you have read the prior series that revolved around Althea, you’ll understand the impact as well. I love Althea every bit as much here as before, she’s a force in her own right and Doriel sees that from the first moment, but it’s more than that. There’s a connection, an understanding and that leads towards the first erotic moment in the story.

That moment is told with the passion that I’ve come to expect from this author and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest. The moment is tender, loving, but needful for both characters and it opens Doriel’s mind to possibilities which lead towards the second half of the work.

The latter part of the story focuses on Doriel and her coming into the orbit of Nate, a human with no idea who Doriel is. The connection between them is a bit awkward at first, mostly coming from Doriel’s not quite understanding everything about Earth. That misunderstanding leads to a few hilarious moments, but also opens Doriel to knowing herself and at the same time, Nate as well.

There’s a moment where Nate sees Doriel as she is, and for me that was perfectly told. It’s sweet, it’s warm and there’s a passion within the moment that doesn’t need sex to be right for them both. The creation of their relationship, the pleasure it brings is the peak of the story and I adored it from beginning to what came next.

The climax of the work, the choices made, felt right for both Doriel and Nate, but more so, the logic of why things happened made perfect sense. I liked that because it made the story mean something, matter in the overall universe these characters live within. In coming to the moment, and what little tease happens at the end, I think there’s a really good series waiting here to be told and I really hope it will be.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

It’s wonderful to see Althea again, to know what happened after she, Rachel and their family came together. The closure of that part of Althea’s story meant a lot to me and I’m dearly happy to know how things turned out for her. Doriel is a delight, I hope there’s more to be seen from her as well. The revelations about angels in this universe made me smile, and Doriel in all of her innocene offers so much to be explored with Nate.

A touching, passionate tale of wonder which offers one truth: To oneself be true isn’t just words, it matters. For those seeking themselves, finding that truth opens the door to anything. Well recommended, as are all of the works by this author and I await their next story with delight.



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    • James on June 4, 2017 at 11:47 pm

    For most of us, being true to ourselves is one of the most difficult and most wonderful things. I am so glad Ms. Church could bring that to life for you.

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