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A Review of Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters

Succubus Sex Tales 1 by CJ Masters

Sex alone is not a story, at least not a good one and certainly it lacks in many ways if one is looking for interesting characters. Describing sex isn’t telling a story, it’s sort of like watching an adult movie and then trying to tell someone that hasn’t seen the movie what the porn stars …

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A Review of Confessions of a Succubus: Volume 1 by Barbra Spencer

Confessions of a Succubus: Volume 1 by Barbra Spencer

There are, of late, quite a number of stories which are told from the perspective of the main character, who happens to be a succubus. Being placed into the shoes, or horns, of the character can work, if there’s something to attach one’s interest to, or if there’s something in the words that has depth, …

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Succubi Image of the Week 493

Come on Sugar by DanteWontDie

The artist DanteWontDie is an amazing artist, and I’ve shared a number of their artworks here on the Tale over the years. For this week’s succubi, I’m going to share a delightful work of Morrigan Aensland art they created. There’s just something about how this artist draws Morrigan, especially in her expression, that amazes me …

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Shiny alone doesn’t make much of a difference to this costume…

Hot Devil Lingerie Costume

I have said on many occasions that I prefer costumes that have a bit of shine to them. Latex or similar materials have a certain appeal to me. However, there are occasions when things are taken a little too far towards the edge and then are tossed over it. Sometimes all that takes is a poor …

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A Review of Incubus Touch by Siryn Sueng

Incubus Touch is an eBook written by Siryn Sueng

A review this time on the Tale of the first work in the Polar Nights series by Siryn Sueng. The series is set in a place rarely touched on in fiction, the themes are lovely and there’s a mystery to unfold that ties things and characters together quite well. The needs of one’s soul sometimes are …

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A Review of Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Curse of the Caller by Matthew Chapel

Motivation is an interesting theme to use, the idea of who wants something and what they are willing to do. That said, if the story can’t quite bring that out, or moves that idea aside for the sake of an erotic hot flash, there’s something missing. Overall, that’s the problem with a good idea being …

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Together By TeraS

A bit of a scattered story today on the Tale … something which, in some ways, offers a thought, a wish, an expression. Sometimes there are moments when … there’s a need … something to hold onto …   Together By TeraS   Once, long ago, it was a dream. It was a dream of …

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