Miracle by TeraS

Quite some time ago, I reviewed a work called Succubus Tear. Along the way I’ve come to know the author, shared some thoughts with him, and over time we’ve shared some thoughts along the way about his succubus called Al’bah. If you’d like to read this work, you can find it on Amazon here and there is also an Audible book which you can listen to here as well.

As some readers of the Tale know, from time to time I have written stories in which Tera meets others. I wrote such a story, some time ago, and today I am going to share that work on the Tale. Perhaps within my story comes something else as well. A small hope about a …


By TeraS


For Andreas


Al’bah was up quite late that evening. Rinnah had been restless for most of the day; not crying or being upset, more as if she was anticipating that something was going to happen. Wrapped in her swaddling, Rinnah would look at her mother, then off towards the window which showed the darkness of the night that had enveloped the desert which surrounded them. Cain had, of course, stayed up as long as he could, but he was, after all, human and even the strongest of them must sleep.

Not that Al’bah wouldn’t have minded to be there with him as well. But, like Rinnah, she felt as if something was going to happen that night, and it worried her—that, more than anything else, kept her awake. Her daughter and her husband were everything to her, and she would protect them both whatever would happen.

Something was off about the night, she could feel it. A presence was fast approaching: ancient, powerful, and … somehow familiar to her. She wiped her eyes—she always cried a little when she beheld the face of her daughter. Even now, two weeks after the birth, Al’bah was completely overwhelmed whenever she took Rinnah into her arms.

Al’bah flinched slightly. The presence drew near, and was aware of her, and of her daughter. Rinnah must have felt it, too, as she squirmed a little and opened her eyes with a small questioning coo. “Shhhh, Jal-Tel-Ha Yu-Yun, Rinnah.” she whispered, walking in a slow circle in their living room. The presence was one of the succubi, there was no question now, but it wasn’t like any other she’d encountered before. There was no hint of malevolence, no suggestion of harm. The other, coming closer, had warmth, promise and—dare she even believe?—hope.

What she didn’t expect was the lightest of taps against the window, drawing her attention. Nor did she expect to see who was there, looking inside at them both. It was someone that she had heard of, but never actually met before. But she knew exactly who it was for the visitor’s aura, and, for an instant, she worried why she would be there. She had heard tales, stories, descriptions, but to actually meet? That never was something she expected.

The voice that carried into the room from outside was soft, gentle, and held within it one clear truth. The stories were right. She loved without question, without condition, and always. “Hello Al’bah… Might I please visit? If only for a short while?”

The new mother smiled, nodded “yes,” and drew Rinnah a little tighter to her.

The door opened a moment later, the chill of the night outside not entering, but the faintest hint of cherries filled the room as the visitor stood there, the door handle in one hand, looking upon the scene of mother with her child.

Al’bah looked across the room and said nothing, only looking back towards the so-deeply-green eyes that regarded her. Along with the smile in those eyes, there was a slightly bemused one on the lips that came with them. Al’bah felt Rinnah squirm a little in her arms and, a bit frightened, turned away.

“I only wish to visit, to talk with you. My soul bears you and yours no harm … ever.”

The woman at the door waited. Al’bah knew full well that she could have just entered without permission like so many others might have. But she also knew that this would never happen. Not with her. Not ever.

Al’bah stroked her fingertips over Rinnah’s cheek and said: “Happy. Please?”

The woman entered the room and closed the door behind her, the light from the fireplace making it clear exactly who she was: stunningly beautiful, of course, as someone like her would be. Raven-haired, a wild mane that ended at the small of her back where, just a bit below, a long, red, heart-tipped tail rose into the air, the tip hovering over her right shoulder and seemingly looking at Al’bah and Rinnah as much as the woman herself did. Two small red horns of the same colour as her tail peeked out of the sea of black over her temples. She was wrapped in a long red jacket the same colour as her horns and tail, open to reveal the black sweater she wore that hugged her curves so very tightly, and the just-as-black jeans, which led to the ankle boots that she stood in.

“You are familiar to me,” Al’bah said.

“We have known each other across many ages,” the newcomer said with a delicate tilt of her head. “You were always special to me, regardless of the age or era our paths crossed and joined.” She brushed a strand of curly hair from her face, a light scent of sweet cherry dancing over the space between them.

She laced her fingers together as she came closer and then stopped an arm’s length from Al’bah, just watching them both, the smile still on her lips, not saying anything for the longest moment.

Her hostess managed to reply: “I know you. But, I have lost my memories so many times.”

There was a flash of pain in those so-green eyes as the visitor offered her hand. “If you wish to remember who I am, take my hand.”

Al’bah hesitated, but curiosity overcame her apprehension. Rinnah found herself settled into her crib before a trembling hand found itself being placed upon a hand tipped with red fingernails. Memories came in a rush: glimpses of past lives forgotten; battles fought, won, and lost. But in each, without fail, there was one image always present. The Queen of their kind, though she never wished to be known as Queen, but simply as who she was.

The mother bowed, her face low, and her arms apart with her palms facing the sky: “Tera!”

She could feel Tera cup her chin and tilt her face to look upon her. “Please, daughter, I am not worthy of this. Truly, I am in awe of you.” Tera’s words were confusing, and the expression Tera beheld brought a bemused smile. “I never thought that I would see this day: one of my daughters having that which I will never be allowed. You are, dearest Al’bah, more special than you know. Not just because you have Rinnah; it is because you found Cain and he you, that you both have done what all thought was impossible. But then, many do not understand the one thing that matters most of all.” Her tail moved behind her from the right to the left, then stopped: “Love.”

Al’bah nodded: “Tera … it’s …”

She couldn’t put the words together. How much Cain meant to her, the love and trust he’d given, the miracle she held in her hands.

Tera laughed softly as she lowered herself to the floor, resting there, cross-legged: “I know. The warmth and joy from your souls is a beacon to all of us. It is a comfort that means there is hope for our kind.”

A small spark of fear wrapped itself about Al’bah’s heart, making her gather Rinnah back up, rocking her gently in her arms as Tera continued to speak: “You have found your Eternal, and in that you were blessed. Then you were given Rinnah and blessed twice. For this, and more, what you have done for them both, you are blessed a third time, daughter.”

Leaning back on her hands, Tera regarded Rinnah squirming around until she could see what Tera was doing. Tera winked as she added: “She is going to be a handful, you know, daughter: strong of will, smart, a soul that is loving and protective … every bit like her mother.”

That drew a surprised look from Al’bah, but Tera shrugged: “Our greatest fault is that we never quite see all that we are doing for what it truly is. You have done so much, daughter.” The Queen looked at Rinnah as she continued: “Teach her well. Teach her the truths that matter, the ones that we know most of all.”

Al’bah answered in a sing-song voice: “Love truthfully and faithfully.”

Tera’s head tilted to the left and she nodded: “Always, for that is our way.” The red-tailed beauty stood, smoothed out her jacket and then took the two steps to be close to mother and child. She then cupped Al’bah’s right cheek with her hand: “Be wonderful, daughter. Our hopes and love are with you always.”

Then, she leaned over slightly and tapped Rinnah’s nose lightly once: “And you, little one, love and listen to your mother.”

The little giggle from Rinnah at those words made both Al’bah and Tera smile. She then turned and made her way to the door, calling out as she did so: “Thank you, daughter. I’ll cherish this always …”

Before she could reach the door, Tera felt a hand touch her shoulder and she turned around to see Al’bah holding Rinnah in her arms. The moment passed so quickly, Al’bah placing Rinnah in Tera’s arms, hugging them both tightly before stepping away, her tail curled around her as she watched.

The brunette stood there, cradling Rinnah carefully, her eyes wet with tears. She drew a finger towards Rinnah’s cheek, but instead found that finger being held by one of Rinnah’s hands as the child looked up, a sparkle in her eyes. The moment was short and it was also an eternity. When it passed, Tera gave a heartfelt sigh as a tear fell from her cheek onto Rinnah’s own: “Love and laughter be with you always, dear granddaughter.”

The Queen kissed the newborn on her forehead, then carefully placed her back in her mother’s arms, the two twining their tails and sharing one last hug before Tera winked, smiled, opened the door, and then was gone.

But the warmth of her love for her daughters remained and would … always.

For that secret, that truth, that miracle, was one that all the Succubi held dearest of all.

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