A Review of the Lilith’s Kiss series by Roxxi Rhodes

The Unleashing by Roxxi Rhodes

The Unleashing by Roxxi Rhodes

Last year I reviewed the first work in what was to be the Lilith’s Kiss series by Jasmine Wright, but following that work’s appearance, nothing further came of the series.

Recently the first work was reissued under a new author’s name and the series progressed to five parts.

A review then of the series in which I have some very mixed feelings. One of the themes that appears quite regularly in works with succubi is transformation. A character finds a book, or some other item, and falls into their soul, and body, changing into something else.

Much of the time that transformation is short, swift, and overall lacks in detail. It’s a bit of a sideshow on the path towards the erotica than anything else. Giving some time to telling that transformation can bring with it a lot of heat, but sometimes there comes a point where the transformation goes a little too far, becomes a little too much and the characters become caricatures.

The first work tells the story of:

Lizzy had plans for her Friday night, and they surely didn’t include working late at the public library. She would much rather be at her ex-best friend Sasha’s Halloween party, letting her know how much of a bitch she was for sleeping with Lizzy’s ex-boyfriend while they were still together.

But, thanks to a co-worker’s call in, the petite redhead is stuck sorting new arrivals in a small corner room on the facility’s third floor with no one to keep her company except Claire, an introverted coed from the local university. Things, however, take a turn for the demonic when Lizzy opens a strange, leather-bound tome, unleashing an ancient evil that engulfs her mind—and body.

Seized by a sudden uncontrollable arousal, Lizzy is forced to watch as she transforms into a hellish creature of unbridled lust, bursting from her clothing with otherworldly proportions. The new, lascivious beast that emerges has only one thing on her mind…


Lizzy is rather upset with her best friend and her ex-boyfriend. Planning to go to their Halloween party, she first needs to finish up at the library. A book discovered leads to a transformation for Lizzy. No longer the girl she was, Lizzy the succubus craves something more.

The first thing I’ll note is that the summary of the first work isn’t quite true to the story which appears here. As a whole it covers the first work and tells what Lizzy will likely do in the next. The majority of this work is taken up with Lizzy’s transformation, which is about two-thirds of the work. The remainder is telling of Lizzy’s background, recent events and her being at the library.

There’s nothing really erotic as a whole in this series, there are mentions here and there, but there’s a distinct lack of heat. It’s less about erotica than it is about Lizzy’s transformation and that of other characters that she transforms. That is told in page after page of detail which describes every little thing that Lizzy goes through. Her transformation is both mental and physical of course which leads me to my issues with what happens.

Setting aside my well known dislike for hooves, and yes, Lizzy gets them, the problem I had was trying to picture Lizzy’s new form in my mind. There is such a thing as going a little too far, having something change that pushes reality beyond anything reasonable and in this case that comes to, for the most part, Lizzy’s cleavage.

Double-H isn’t something reasonable. Yes her body changes, yes she’s made more… if not “demonic” then certainly taller. I can sort of see why the author pushed Lizzy’s body to the extremes that it takes in this work, but there are so many changes that it becomes rather monotonous. There is a bit of heat in her transformation, and I can see that and appreciate the author doing so, but… it’s just a little too far, a little too much.

There’s really very little in the way of plot in this work, being that it focuses upon Lizzy’s transformation. There’s a hint of Lilith, though that is fleeting, and what she wants is a bit murky overall. Lizzy’s character has a chance to form in the introduction but through the transformation all of that buildup gets tossed aside.

The following works in the series focus almost entirely on the transformational aspects of the story and not really very much on any sort of plot, or character development. There are a number of characters who are transformed into succubi and each transformation is as over the top as Lizzy’s was.

It’s clear that the focus of the series isn’t so much on the characters being transformed into succubi as it is for their clothing to rip to shreds, their bodies to be expanded out of all proportions, and then move onto the next character encounter.

The erotica, when it comes into focus, didn’t have very much heat for me, which was a shame. More so, the author came to the decision to use the “expected” end for any male that encounters the succubi, which doesn’t do much for me as well. There’s little struggle in each character as they are transformed and once done, all there is left is a character who is exactly as evil as I would have expected and I wish that didn’t happen.

I think there’s a story here, something that might turn into being more than just a little series of hot flashes. But there needs to be more time spent on plot, on the characters, on telling the story more than just telling about transformations.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

The series was interesting right up to the point when Lizzy’s transformation took her body into the realm of being “too much.” There’s a point where reality is stretched that little bit too far and this work passed well beyond it. The mental picture of the “new” Lizzy just doesn’t work for me.

The succubi are far too stereotypical in their actions for my liking and I wish there’d be more to the story to expand on them than there is. Beyond that, having Lilith appear in the series and become more than a bare shadow would add a lot to things as well I think.

I’d have liked the author to manage to be on the path of story telling and be less concerned about just showing transformations, some lukewarm erotica and what seems to be not all that much else as a whole.



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