May 23, 2017 archive

A Review of Breaking Hell’s Rules by Lyssa Dering

Breaking Hell's Rules by Lyssa Dering

Setting the stage for a story needs a hook, something that’s a bit different, a little distinct which then leads towards the telling of the story that’s unexpected. The characters themselves hold the core of the story, but then what happens around them needs to have meaning, a reason as to why things happen as …

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A Review of the Lilith’s Kiss series by Roxxi Rhodes

The Unleashing by Roxxi Rhodes

Last year I reviewed the first work in what was to be the Lilith’s Kiss series by Jasmine Wright, but following that work’s appearance, nothing further came of the series. Recently the first work was reissued under a new author’s name and the series progressed to five parts. A review then of the series in which I …

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