May 12 2017

A Review of Werewolf!: Hell High Book 3 by Michael-Scott Earle

Werewolf!: Hell High Book 3 by Michael-Scott Earle

Werewolf!: Hell High Book 3 by Michael-Scott Earle

It’s been a few months since there’s been a work in the Hell High series by Michael-Scott Earle, and I’m delighted to say that the third work in the series has appeared at last. You can find my review of the first work in the series here and the second work was reviewed here on the Tale as well.

I really should have reviewed this work sooner than I am, but I have to admit that I found myself reading and rereading this part of the series because for me, there’s so much wonderful writing to enjoy. There comes a point in a series where the main characters have to make a choice, where the truth comes out, whether intended or not. But it is also the point where the main characters turn into being something akin to family.

And it’s a delight to watch family become more than they ever expected themselves to be.

The work tells the story of:

Sherman’s on his first secret mission for Satan, and it’s one hell of a dozy. First he has to find the most powerful alpha wolf in the tri-county area, and then he has to help Charlotte make it look like the vampires put the puppy down.

Unfortunately, Satan wasn’t quite forthcoming with his information, and Sherman finds out the hard way that werewolves don’t really like being killed, but they do like wrestling.

Yeah brother!

Sherman still has the girl… sort of. He’s still working for the devil… sort of. He’s still in high school, at least that hasn’t changed.. sort of. Life for Sherman is getting more complicated that he ever expected, not the least of that being he still can’t quite figure out the succubus he loves. Still, he’s going out with her, even if that’s on secret missions and even if his first one involves werewolves, that’s okay. After all, Charlotte’s there, so things can’t be that bad… right?

The work follows on directly from the prior work in the series and it draws Sherman and Charlotte deeper into Satan’s fun and games. There’s a lot more complexity in this work compared to the prior works in the series and I think much of that comes from both Sherman and Charlotte trying to come to terms with each other. Charlotte’s personality turns more towards both being attracted to Sherman and at the same time, trying to push him away. It does become confusing for her, but then being a succubus, there’s a lot she doesn’t quite understand.

Similarly, Sherman is still head over heels with Charlotte, in an endearing way, and I couldn’t help the smile I had at several points when his open truthfulness overcame Charlotte. They haven’t quite come to figure out things well, but they moved well along the path to what I hope will be something wonderful in time as the series continues.

The humour of the series continues, I was smiling from start to finish and how much I adore the series hasn’t wavered at all. Satan’s tone is every bit as used-car salesman as ever, but even so the little hint that things aren’t quite going as he thinks they should be was perfect. He is weaving a web around Charlotte and Sherman of course, taking them deeper and deeper into this plans, but even so Sherman’s trust in Charlotte never wavers, and the fleeting moments when that is returned to him I loved.

The main plot of the story seems to be straightforward, but as has been shown in the prior works in the series, not every plan works out for the best and not every idea is the best one to try. Still, Sherman has a goal and his willingness to press on with Charlotte with him bodes well going forwards. I found myself wondering about Sherman more and more and when his secret comes out, I wonder what it will mean. Charlotte should be proud of herself and I still would love to know who her mother is. Not to mention another succubus who’s name popped up again and what she had to do with all of this.

The story’s action moves very quickly, but doesn’t lose track of what’s come before, or what is happening at the moment. Like the prior works in the series, this is a fantasy-action adventure with little hints of teenage angst and confusion to spice things up a bit. Most of all, it’s the humour that sets this work apart, gives it life and makes it one of my most adored series.

Four and a half out of five pitchforks.

Every bit as wonderful as the prior works in the series with every little smile that I’ve come to expect from this author in their storytelling. Sherman and Charlotte’s relationship is developing, there’s all kinds of lovely character development in them both and that’s what I found the most captivating.

The story is a delight, the troubles that Sherman gets in, and out of, simply feel right and build so very well upon what has come before. I’m hoping the next work in the series, Vampire!, will tell more about both Sherman and Charlotte. There’s a lot to tell about them that hasn’t really been touched on and that’s what I’d like to see happen sometime.

It’s delightful to await the next work in a series that is such a pleasure to read. More so when the characters have become dearly real in one’s mind. The mark of good storytelling is leaving the reader wanting more and this series has more than accomplished that by far.



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