May 9, 2017 archive

A Review of Hungry Touch by Shona Husk

Hungry Touch by Shona Husk

Occasionally incubi appear in science fiction, and for me the thing I look for is, how that works, exactly, with who they are and what they can be. Beyond that, comes the question of their society, how that functions, and, hopefully, that the conflict is one with purpose, not something that is a flash in …

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A Review of Incubus by Kat Cotton

Incubus by Kat Cotton

A review today of a short prequel work to a series which, according to the author, will be appearing sometime in June of 2017. There’s a lot to like about the main character, there’s some really good storytelling as well. There’s just one little problem and while that doesn’t break the story completely, what happens …

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