This costume is from hell… The name says so and I agree

Red Devil From Hell CostumeThere are some costume names that are really quite apt. The name alone tells you want you are getting into without question. When it says the costume is from hell, and it looks this tacky, I really can’t disagree…

This is called the Red Devil From Hell Costume and it comes with the horns, the dress, the corset and the pitchfork the model has here. The shoes are not included and it sells for $60 US, though it has appeared on sale for as little as $25 US.

It just looks… meh. Really that’s putting things nicely to be honest. The corset, which is PVC as an aside, looks cheap, the dress looks cheap, the horns are lousy and I cannot think of enough words to describe the tackiness of that pitchfork.

Oddly I like the shoes.

I kind of get a devilish farmer’s daughter vibe from the cut of the dress, how it sits off the model’s shoulders here.

Beyond that however, the overall look just isn’t anything special, doesn’t do anything for me, and I can’t think of a way to make it better.

I suppose it says something when the only good thing I can see are shoes which aren’t included in the costume.

Zero pitchforks out of five.

If cheap is what you are looking for, I suppose that this works. It doesn’t for me…




  1. I have to say “devilish farmer’s daughter vibe” gave me a good chuckle 🙂

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    • James on June 1, 2017 at 1:47 am

    I agree about “devilish farmer’s daughter vibe.”

    But hell is all about blandness and mediocrity, so let’s hear it for truth in advertising!

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