Apr 24 2017

Hold onto Hope By TeraS

It’s been … a week. A week in which I’ve found myself at a loss, not able to do anything to make things right for those I love. Perhaps that is the hardest thing, wanting to do something, anything … but you can’t. That awful feeling inside has been with me for over a year now, and it seems like it won’t be going away any time soon. But, you can, always …


Hold onto Hope
By TeraS


Spring had arrived in the Realm with the melting of the snows, the warming of the breeze, and the falling of the rains. The change of the seasons brought a bit more light, a bit more warmth, and, in time, the summer would arrive with still more. It was the time for nature to spring into bloom in all of the glory that came with that moment, for the grass to turn from the brown of the winter towards the deep greens of summer to be. Upon the branches of the trees, buds would open, the first signs of the fruits to be bore coming to view.

Elsewhere there was a home within which had come a family, a home within which had been love, joy, happiness and more. From the first spring they had arrived there, a garden had been made. Every year the flowers were planted, the grounds tended lovingly. Except that, last year, the garden was left barren, untended; the soul that found her joy in being with the earth, setting out her flowers, making her small part of the world turn to her wishes … couldn’t.

That didn’t mean her flowers didn’t come, for she did, after all, plant perennials—tulips, to be specific. They grew in the first moments of the spring, became bright in the colours they scattered over the waiting grounds. The tulips were a sign of her hand, not to be forgotten. The red ones spoke of her undying love that would never end … not ever.

On one side of the Koi pond, a small rose bush grew where it had been planted years ago. It had been gathered, travelled, and then found itself in the presence of souls within whom the light was brighter than the sun, warmer than the warmest spring day. The roses were red—perhaps not the specific red of a certain pair of red tails, but that wasn’t the important thing. The roses held love, hope, and wishes from one side of the Koi pond to the other. Whether beneath the snows, in the rains, or tossed about by the winds, the roses held themselves to the land.

Much like the fabric of life that binds a family together, the roses grew, whether slowly or quickly wasn’t important. They stood against the tide, held firm and resolute, much like the two souls that had set them in place, blessed them, and knew, without a doubt, that they were loved and not forgotten … not ever.

Back across the Koi pond, where the Succubi Realm and the Human Realm touched, the dawn appeared. They’d been preparing for this moment for some time and now, as the first rays of the sun warmed the earth, the sound of hoes being dragged over the soil came. The ground made anew, the earth prepared for the purpose to which a certain red tail and her Eternal had decided was what was meant to be. Hands touched the rich earth, parting the ground, making room for the flowers that she’d picked.

The first to be set were the carnations. The white flowers created a border around the plot, to mark out the edges, but to be something more. They spoke of the pure love inspired by two souls that always reminded the Eternals of what mattered. The pink came next, set beside the white, place for place. The sign of a mother’s love, the love shared through a woman who promised to keep that love alive, to hold onto that love and never lose sight of what mattered … not ever.

The next choice was one that she held for all she loved. The irises were planted deeply, row upon row to bring with them the good news she prayed for. With each flower set into place, she paused, wished, hoped, then continued onto the next. The depth of the irises reflected her holding onto the promise of good news for their friends in the time that came. There would be good news, she would never lose that … not ever.

Forget-me-nots came next to find their place, to be set among the flowers that had come before, a reflection of the true love of their family, that which held their family together, giving them all the resolute promise to continue on. The family would never turn away, or forget … not ever.

A splash of yellow and green came from the arrival of the celandine. As she tucked each one into place, her thoughts were of the joys to come, the promise of the future, the warmth of knowing there was something good to be found, to know that there was a plan for them all, and, in time, things would work out. There would be joy, there would be love, and that would never fade away … not ever.

The final planting was in the middle of their garden. It had taken her some time to find the thing she wanted, the focus of her efforts to set within: a rose bush. The roses were red. Perhaps not the specific red of a certain pair of red tails, but it was the red of another rose bush that blossomed on the other side of the Koi pond. The roses held love, hope, and wishes from one side of the Koi pond to the other. Whether beneath the snows, in the rains, or tossed about by the winds, the roses held themselves to the land. They would not bend, break, or forget … not ever.

The light of the day dipped beneath the horizon as they watered their efforts, setting into motion the new life they’d given a home to. But it was more than that, not just the simple flowers themselves. They all spoke of a desire to hold onto the hope that there will be a glorious dawn, a brighter tomorrow, and the love shared within the family for always, the love and the hope that would never end …

… not ever.


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    :: huggles in silence for as long as necessary, knowing that there are times when actions convey far more than words ever could ::

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    I still feel the same way about my family after our own personal tragedy. The important thing is to simply let them know that they have someone that still loves them. I think of life as a very challenging game, but even still, it’s a game all about hope. The love your family feels for you and the love you feel for them can be strained, but if it’s a true love, it will hold firm in all the bad times and will be all they need to keep getting up and trying again.

    If nothing else, I send a warm huggle to you and those you love. Keep protecting them, and they will keep protecting you.

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    Very moving and inspiring passages.

    Huggles to you too.

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    Family looks out for each other, and hopes for each other, making all good things possible. Once family joins in the hope, it never dies.

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