April 23, 2017 archive

A Review of the Lust’s Price series by Quixerotic

The Bargain: Lust's Price I by Quixerotic

The thing about some series with succubi is that while there can be heat, the succubi are interesting and there’s an overall plot, missing the details can take so much away. Many times it’s not the best thing to write a hot flash, concentrate on building the heat, and not give a lot of thought …

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A Review of Call of a Succubus by April Garrus

Call of a Succubus by April Garrus

I happen to think that Succubi appearing in science fiction universes can be one of the most amazing things to read. There’s a certain delight in seeing that regardless of how far humanity goes in the universe, how far their reach is, there remains passion, seduction and through that, succubi remain a presence, as mysterious …

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