A Review of Blossom Juice: An Erotic Poetry Collection by Yesenia Faye

Blossom Juice: An Erotic Poetry Collection by Yesenia Faye

Blossom Juice: An Erotic Poetry Collection by Yesenia Faye

A collection of poems for review this time on the Tale. It isn’t to be clear, exactly a work that is succubus themed so much as it is the expression of one soul’s own passions. Within some of those however, comes a little spark that whispers “succubus” from time to time and I thought that was interesting as a whole.

We are our needs, wants and desires. The largest question we have to answer is what they are, why they are, and if, or how, we can accept ourselves. That exploration of self sometimes requires exploring one’s own sexuality and what it means.

Many times however, the meaning cannot, quite, be explained, only accepted.

The work tells the story of:

Blossom Juice is a collection of poetry that will blow your mind. Full of tantalizing tales about early romantic encounters, nightly haunts, the musings of the adult mindset, and the ravings of a love-drunk lunatic, this volume of wet and juicy words is best read in the late winter nights wrapped up in a nice big blanket.

Each page is stocked with illustrated imagery and personification, love and affection, and all the worlds that Yesenia Faye is so eager to share with you. Come, take her hand, and let her help you explore the nuances of the bodily world and unfurl your deepest, most passionate desires.

A collection of poems inspired by lust, need and sex. Words written in the aftermath of orgasm, cries of passion and whines of need.

The work is a collection of thoughts, recollections and moments of sexuality within one woman’s experience. At times very gritty, occasionally crass or crude, but always true to the author’s inner voice and I rather liked that.

I came across this work through part of this work in which the author speaks of their inner succubus, how it drives them, pushes their boundaries and, at points, pushes them towards submitting to that inner succubus’ cravings.

As part of the overall collection, that contrast works very well, adds to the overall poetry. But it doesn’t make this a work about succubi. Really they are mentioned in passing, an idle thought, but nonetheless, a thought that leaves an impression on the author.

The collection as a whole has heat and drive, there’s a undercurrent of simply allowing one’s inner animalistic needs loose to consume themselves. In that I did enjoy the work, though the thought of the author exploring their inner succubus more than they did is something I find myself mulling over.

Four out of five pitchforks.

This isn’t as a whole, a work about succubi, though it does, from time to time, touch upon that theme sexually. An exploration of one soul’s needs and desires, telling of what they crave and seek for themselves. In that, the work is wonderfully hot. Just don’t expect too much in the way of succubi otherwise…



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    • James on June 3, 2017 at 1:37 am

    Yearnings, lusts, needs, and desires, wrapped up in hopes, wants, and drive. Whether the word is mentioned in every poem or not, this seems, to me, to be what Your Majesty has taught us is the essence of being a succubi.

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