Succubi Image of the Week 482

Morrigan is usually seen in a single look that, for the most part, really doesn’t change all that often. However, there are some artists that change things, create an new look that transforms Morrigan and adds another side to her character. For this, the second week of Morrigan being the Succubi of the Week in a row, here is a look that I think would be amazing for her to show…

Morrigan by tsuaii

Morrigan by tsuaii

This art is by the artist Tsuaii on DeviantArt and you can find the original page here with this art. As well, here is this artist’s page on DeviantArt as well.

There’s a very “tropical” feel to this art of Morrigan and that makes me ponder her being in Hawaii for some reason. It’s lovely to see her being, if not casual, appearing to be more a seducer, a whisper of passion. I think that really works well for her and this artist I believe brought out that part of her character so wonderfully well.

Amazing detail in the dress, her hair and wings. That little smile is perfect, as is the look in her eyes that shows a inner strength, in knowing herself, and more. She seems content with herself, and as such that’s a powerful image in itself.

I love how the dress hugs her curves, how her jewelry isn’t over the top, rather bringing a focal point to her overall look.

One of my favourite images of Morrigan, but there is one more to come that I think is as wonderful…



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    • James on June 3, 2017 at 2:13 am

    “So, you wondered what I’d look like if I took off my batty nylons and leotard, eh?

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