A fascinating Succubus artwork WIP YouTube

There are those works of art that have something special about them. There’s something in the form, the colours, the expression of the creativity that brings them to the fore. A YouTube today on the Tale of an artist creating a Succubus work which most certainly is something special.


If you cannot see this video here on the Tale, please try this link.

As always, a screenshot of the completed work of art in case the video vanishes from YouTube as well…

Succubus Card by Drawtensil

Succubus Card by Drawtensil

There are those pieces of art that in the expression of the artist’s style give the character themselves an unexpected depth. The overall form of this succubus is somewhat angular, a little harsh, but wrapped in an expression of colour that makes for a striking contrast.

Her eyes are the focus of this art, her hair framing them and drawing one’s eyes towards them. Her complexion, being muted greys against her wings and the brightness of the background brings a little depth and dimension to this art that I think is wonderful.

A piece of art to ponder and I do enjoy that most of all…



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