This Dark Angel needs a pair of red horns at least

Dark Angel CostumeOn occasion I ponder mixing and matching costumes to try and create something that might be more than what it began with. This time, an angel costume which, given a pair or red horns, or a red wig and black horns, could be something… interesting.

This is called the Dark Angel Costume and it comes with the corset, thong, and the black halo and wings. The ruffle panties are not included, nor are the stockings and the clear stripper heels the model is wearing. The costume itself sells for $85, adding the panties and the heels would raise the cost to $133.

I really do think getting rid of the halo and adding red horns and a tail would be delicious. More so would be a red wig and black horns and tail… for reasons…

As this isn’t exactly a discount, low quality, wear it once and throw it away sort of creation, that brings up the question of why not give such an option as I have been mulling over here?

Would it be so difficult to sell this with horns and a tail? Moreover, why not sell the entire look as a while and save a lot of time and effort?

Now, this might not really be something to wear to a party, there is a little bit of a stripper vibe to this costume obviously, not to mention this must be really cold on Halloween to wear as you are really quite bare.

Three pitchforks out of five.

I have some ideas, but I think the actual outcome will have to wait until I have this in my hands and can ponder things better…




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