Wondrous By TeraS

Today is an important day in the Realm: a day my Eternal and I celebrate—our family is joyful in every year—a day for our friends on the other side of the Koi Pond, a day wherein my heart and his Beloved share in the blessing of Goddess bringing a wonderful soul into our world. A birthday we are blessed to say is …


By TeraS


The Koi Pond is, to some, a vast expanse of blue waters which separate two lands from each other. Deep and wide, it is a physical barrier which lies between two households of a family, but cannot, truly, separate them. To the family, it is a decorative pool near the fence where dearest friends visit. There is, you see, no physical means to bar the way of family, to stop the joy in love shared, faith held and most of all, prayers given.

It is a wonder of nature, the Koi Pond, but it is also something more. On either side there is a place to be found where the blessings of Goddess find shelter: a home within which dwells the love of family, the joy of two souls, a light which shines brighter than words can express.

It is, truly, a wondrous thing to behold.

How does one explain the inspiration of the love shared? How can the simple knowledge be taught from one side of the pond to the other? Can it truly, in words, be expressed?

Perhaps it can be explained in the moment shared between a younger soul, having met their dear friends on their travels. A moment where he watched as a gift was unwrapped, the gasp of surprise heard, the thanks given, overwhelmed, thankful for the gift his Eternal had asked to be presented to a dear Beloved one.

She had, he said, the most wondrous smile.

That blessing reflected upon the two souls on the northern side of the pond as they dealt with their sadness, tried to come to terms with the pain, the loss, the hurt. He always remembered that smile, the light that came from she of the other side of Koi Pond. They remembered how the strength in her voice, her will, but most of all, the dear love seen in her, without question, made their own love stronger.

Love is, after all, the most wondrous of things to behold.

This then, is a day that for which the couple on the northern side of the Koi Pond are thankful beyond words. To know, each day, the love of their friends, how that love inspires, is shared and creates, in them both, the most wondrous of things. They know, truly, the strength of her soul that causes her love to be so bright, so full, so wondrous. They cherish, dearly, that love shared in their family on both sides of the Koi Pond; a gift, truly wondrous, for which the wish is sent, on this day, to the one called Beloved, and gratefully so.

From both of us, dearly, thank you for being part of our family, thank you for the love shared. But, most of all, our wishes for the happiest birthday from your friends on the other side of the Koi Pond.

In wondrous love always …

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