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A Review of The Demonic Bride Trilogy by Lacy Lane

The Demonic Bride Trilogy by Lacy Lane

I’ve read some of the author Lacy Lane’s works, and I’ve reviewed one of their works on the Tale a short time ago. The author published a trilogy which tells the story of a man encountering a succubus, being transformed by her, and then having to deal with the aftermath. I do enjoy stories that …

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A Review of A Date with Lilith by J. D. Braxton

A Date with Lilith by J. D. Braxton

The mythos of Lilith can be interpreted in a lot of different ways. One of them, which bothers me to a large extent is that Lilith is a vampire in some way, shape or form. It bothers me, in a lot of ways, but if the story makes some sense, or if there’s something that …

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Succubi Image of the Week 480

Succubus by creatormux

There is more to the Succubi than their horns and tail. If that was all that mattered, then really almost every being with horns and a tail might be one. There is an important point however that Succubi have. It is not so much their sexuality, but how seductive they are. Seduction is that which …

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The Delight in this costume is when you take it off…

Devil Delight Costume

Why is it that so many costumes cannot manage to have an inkling of what sexy is, never mind seductive. It isn’t that difficult to create a dress that shapes well to one’s body. It isn’t that hard to make a set of horns that look reasonably good. So why is it that so many …

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A Review of Demoniality by Eris Omen

Demoniality by Eris Omen

A few thoughts today about a work I discovered which looks at the mythos of succubi and incubi from the perspective of dark magiks. There are very few works which I have that take a more scholarly approach to the concepts of sex magic, succubi and incubi and so on. It’s interesting to read a …

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A Review of the Dark Rhythms series by Magi Silverwolf

Melody's Seduction: Acceso by Magi Silverwolf

From time to time I post reviews of stories that appeared years ago. I do so mainly because in most cases the works were never reviewed in the first place. It’s a shame that there’s so little reviewers of erotica. Another shame is when a series starts, is terribly short, offers something interesting and then …

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Snowfall By TeraS

I find myself in something of a writer’s block, not able to get things the way I’d like them to be. There are some parts of the Realm that I have been meaning to explore, some tales I have been hoping to tell. Still, even a short story can have something to say, like how, …

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