Feb 26 2017

A Review of Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O'Connell

Temple of Lilith by Anne O’Connell

There are many interpretations of Lilith that appear in fiction. I personally prefer those appearances where she is powerful, seductive and is in full control. Lilith has her own thoughts, her own needs and yes, her own desires. It becomes so much more interesting when others fall into her seduction and where she takes them.

A mystery is one thing that cannot be ignored. It teases at the mind, thrills the senses. Sometimes that mystery envelopes a power upon itself. When one’s own inner desires are bared, sometimes what one needs becomes what the power desires them to be. When that comes, very little else matters.

  • Title: Temple of Lilith
  • Author: Anne O’Connell
  • Length: 41 Pages
  • ASIN: B01AX7SK9W
  • Publishing Date: January 20, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells the story of:

An at odds couple, Kylie and Ray, begin renovating their old house only to discover a bizarre hidden room painted with strange symbols. The room has the secret power to give them each what they desire, but for this, the demon asks a carnal price.

The discovery of a strange hidden room leads a couple to find themselves in the presence of an ancient power. She draws them close, whispers to them of submitting to her, worshipping her. The price to pay is a seductive one, and within that seduction comes a promise untold.

The most striking part of this work is the atmosphere. The setting, the textures of the room where Lilith is found are quite remarkable. The characters have depth, needs and desires. Lilith herself is a strong and powerful succubus, drawing others to her. The combination gives a story that, while having quite a lot of erotica occurring, melds that with the story very well. The two, story and erotica, are tightly wound with each other and this keeps the story moving at a brisk pace.

The erotica flips between Lilith’s domination of her new found pets, the lovely descriptions of mind control and female domination, and the couple’s own passions for each other. The heat simmers much of the work but does peak quite nicely at the climax where Lilith pushes her pets to new heights.

I loved Lilith’s appearance, the self-assuredness that her character shows. There is also an appearance of incubi as well, hints of succubi, who serve at Lilith’s will. She’s a commanding presence in the story when she appears, but that’s a bit fleeting at times. While she is there for the sake of controlling the main characters, there are other things mentioned about her.

This is the one part of this work that made me pause. There are comments by Lilith about her past, about the room she is in. They are a bit vague, really never getting into detail which I was a little disappointed about. The room itself is a mystery, one specific part of it leaving a question in my thoughts that I dearly would have liked explored somehow.

There is a lot of mystery left untapped in the story, the past is not visited, where Lilith has been isn’t spoken of. There’s a bit of dangling threads here and there, but at the same time how the work ends seems to make that a needed thing. That said, perhaps Lilith needed to be more present, more central to the story. She’s a presence, there’s no doubt, but she might have been better used as a character than just to collar her pets.

The writing is wonderful, the characters have stories to tell. Lilith is a powerful presence and she is used so very well by the author to drive the story onwards. I just really wanted to know more about Lilith, her past, how she came to be where she is now. Lots of questions, but few answers and not even the heat of the story can quite overcome that for me.

Four out of five pitchforks.

I enjoyed the mix of themes, the hints of Lilith using her powers upon Kylie and Ray. Lilith wasn’t raw sexuality, she was quite a bit more and in the little tastes of her there is a lot to like and wonder about. At the time of this review, there wasn’t a following work and that’s a bit of a shame really.

There are some interesting plot ideas within Lilith, Kylie and Ray’s thoughts that really do need to be explored and I would hope the author would delve into those. There’s so much left unsaid and to be thought about. Those are the best stories of all.



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