Succubi Image of the Week 473

A rather striking image for the Succubi of the Week and I think it’s quite interesting both in the name of the Succubus herself, but also in how she is drawn. There’s a balance between “action” and “seduction” I think that can be difficult to manage well. When it can be, the character that appears can be amazing…

Heroes Reborn - Succubus Sue by toorugenshin

Heroes Reborn – Succubus Sue by toorugenshin

This character is called Succubus Sue and is the creation of the artist Toorugenshin on DeviantArt. You can find the original page on DeviantArt with this work here and this artist’s page can be found here as well.

I really couldn’t find anything about what I think is a game called ‘Heroes Reborn’ but this artist created quite a number of pieces of art which revolve around a fantasy theme, and this one of Succubus Sue is among them.

Gorgeous, wonderful detail by far. Her expression is piercing, strong and I particularly like her eyes most of all. There’s just something in them that expresses she is no pushover, and you encounter her at your peril. The question of course is whether you fight or succumb to her in a moment.

Her overall look is obviously meant to tempt and reveal enough to be distracting which, of course, means she has quite the advantage. Even so I like the sword she carries, it reminds me of a soul sword, and that whip might be less of a weapon and more of an instrument of pleasure, all things considered.

A delicious succubus in form, poise and her power most of all…



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