Thinking of You By TeraS

It is, I know, becoming a regular occurrence that I am not able to write, not able to construct the story I want to tell. For that matter, I’m finding it difficult to get back to the stories unfinished, though I dearly wish to. Still, my spirit guides me into other stories, which, in some ways, tell that I’m …


Thinking of You
By TeraS


The snows had blanketed the Realm overnight, a glistening white sheen coating all that the flakes fell upon. The weather suggested—and most did in fact pay attention—that the best place to be was curled up somewhere warm, in whatever sort of entwinement was most enjoyable. The wonders of the world outside of their windows and doors gave life to something a bit different, something that only really happened when one was allowed time to actually unwind, allowed to let their minds to wander and, in doing so, allowed to discover something special unfolding.

Off towards one part of the Succubi Realm was a small home, one that sat astride two realms, one that two Eternals called their own. A place within which, on this evening, Tera was curled up with Keith, watching the snows swirl and bluster on the other side of the windows frosted over from the outside and steamed over from the inside. She held a small mug of cocoa in her hands, rolling the cup from time to time before she took a small sip, then returned to watching the snows outside once more brush against the window, attracting her attention as her thoughts … wandered …

… wandered into thoughts of her Heart and his Beloved on the other side of the fence, cherished more than any words could say.

… wandered into worries for her Song, holding her always, hoping, never stopping.

… wandered into soft smiles as Rachel’s laughter was brought along with the winds, for she was always proud of their little Sister.

… wandered into a wistful smile for Alei, holding her in love, for always.

… wandered into a bit of concern for Legion—but then that he returned the same, for that was how things were.

… wandered into a little prayer for their brother, knowing of what had been, but more knowing what could be, Goddess willing.

… wandered into a teasing smile that couldn’t be helped when Sophia came to mind, a smile which didn’t wane when Bianca did, as well.

… wandered into hope for their son, holding onto the belief for his talents, knowing the best was yet to be.

… wandered into a small shake of her hair as Rianna’s voice came to mind, with her sister Branwyn’s own right beside.

It wasn’t a list, she knew. It was just a bare taste of the thoughts she had every day of them all, but not them alone. There were the thoughts for those she’d but known in passing, but still remained with her, held in her soul. Her hopes for all of them, as myriad as the snowflakes outside her window, passed through the snows to them all … at least, that was her fond hope.

A sigh escaped her lips as she took a breath, setting the mug onto the floor. The snows allowed for time to reflect, the chance to wonder. Perhaps there was a bit of melancholy, a bit of a wan smile in time passing as it was meant to do.

Keith’s voice caught her attention, asking if something was wrong. Tera’s answer was a smile and the truth: “Just thinking about our family.”

No matter how deep the snows, no matter how far-flung the realms in which all of them were, this was something she would always do.


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    • Legion on February 7, 2017 at 2:30 am

    And your family thinks of you My Queen. Near and often.

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    • David on February 7, 2017 at 9:03 am

    What legion said …

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    • Aria on February 8, 2017 at 5:30 pm


    Always in our minds, and hearts 🙂

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