Succubi Image of the Week 471

It’s been quite some time since the Aensland sisters have been seen together here on the Tale as the Succubi of the Week. I found this work some time ago, but really there’s so much to love in this, in the first place, and as well, just having Morrigan and Lilith together makes me smile…

Darkstalker Girls NSFW by ZeroNis

Darkstalker Girls NSFW by ZeroNis

This work is by the artist ZeroNis and I found this work originally on their DeviantArt site here. You can find their DeviantArt page here, and they have a Patreon page as well, which you can find here.

While I know that the little hearts and bats are there to make this art acceptable to be shown on DeviantArt, I have to admit that it fits the sisters well and more so, that it does, when I think about it, seem like the sort of thing that they might to in order to distract someone.

The art is simply amazing, both of their expressions are wonderful, the hair is amazing, and all of the detail that can be seen here just brings everything to life so well. I think it’s interesting that Morrigan’s nails are so long, that is a bit of a different look to her which here works well.

This art just reinforces that both sisters are seductive and powerful in their own ways and I like that a lot.



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