A Review of the Roxy’s Lust series by Melissa Heart

Roxy's Lust: The Club by Melissa Heart

Roxy’s Lust: The Club by Melissa Heart

A review of a series about a succubus that, as a whole, really didn’t have much in the way of story, characters or heat either when it came to the erotica. I find it disappointing when a series doesn’t allow the character to grow, to tell a story about her. Putting a character, even if she’s a succubus, into one sex scene after the next isn’t much of a story in itself.

I realize that, for some authors, the point of writing a story in thee erotica genre is to get to the sex as fast as possible. What I don’t understand is how the heat can happen when the main character isn’t really likeable, the situations are skimmed over and in the end, the story ends up in the same way, over and over again.

The series can be summarized by:

Roxy Orrosco is a young succubus with glittering green eyes and a sexy body.

The series, overall, is the telling of Roxy, the main character, sexual encounters with several different alpha males who she ensnares and then finds herself at the mercy of in various ways. There’s next to no character development for her, there’s little in the way of story, mainly being Roxy mulling over her next target before finding herself in their arms, among other things.

Roxy is a succubus, there’s a scattering of hints that she is beyond her own statement that she’s a “young succubus”, but beyond that her actual powers aren’t really shown. There’s the barest hint of mind control on occasion, but otherwise there’s nothing to point at her being a succubus. She’s more of a temptation, using her sexuality to draw close to the ones she wants before the erotica begins.

The erotica doesn’t really have any heat in it, mainly starting out as Roxy being a tease, then being put to the mercies of the men she’s with. It isn’t so much erotica as it is a series of porn movie scenes with some barely told story leading to the sex. I can’t call it a hot flash, because there wasn’t any heat in the moments when they came to be.

Plot wise, there isn’t any, there’s no connections between the four parts of the series. As such, they can be read as stand alone works, having nothing in them which builds upon the last work in the series. The writing needs some work, the books need quite a lot of editing as well, both in grammar and spelling issues that are scattered throughout.

I can’t really say this is a series about a succubus, simply because Roxy doesn’t act like one most of the time. I can’t say I liked the series, because I found Roxy very unlikeable in many ways. She’s a bit of a gold-digger, self-centred and doesn’t seem to have a thought other than who’s going to be having sex with her next. That’s boring to me.

For the series as a whole, I’ll give it one pitchfork out of five.

Saying that Roxy is a succubus is a start, but then leaving her entire power to being the look she gives men that want her, or rather that she wants, doesn’t do much for me. Neither does erotica that isn’t much more than some rough sex in a porn movie theme. No character development is a further problem and then, of course, each work in the series being around fifteen pages doesn’t help as well.

There’s very little here that even offers the hint of Roxy’s being a succubus, and that’s a real problem also. I hesitate to even describe this collection of works as hot flashes, because there aren’t any. It’s very hard to like Roxy, harder still to want to see what comes next. That’s a shame because there’s hints of ideas from time to time, but they don’t go anywhere. Much like the series as a whole.



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