January 22, 2017 archive

A Review of The Demon’s Daughter Makes the Grade by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon's Daughter Awakens by Nessa Triskelion

A review of the third work in the Demon’s Daughter series this time on the Tale. I’ve reviewed the prior works in the series before and you can find the first review here on the Tale, and the second can be found here. Overall Elodie’s story has been interesting, but missing something and a lot of …

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A Review of All That She Needs by Anya W. Vossand

All That She Needs by Anya W. Vossand

There are some that believe that succubi need to be heartless. That it’s best to have no connections, to live for the moment and nothing more. Stories of that nature are, for me at least, nothing special. However, a story that dares to tell of change, of understanding, of becoming something more than simply a …

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