A Vindictus Succubus Queen Speedpaint YouTube

There is a video game called Vindictus, which I have never played, nor really know all that much about. I found an interesting speedpainting YouTube that an artist made and I rather like the finished artwork as well…

If you can’t see the video here on the Tale, please try this link:


The artist was good to share a link to the completed artwork as well, which you can find here on DeviantArt, and here is the completed work as well…


Succubus Queen by Korevo

Succubus Queen
by Korevo

The striking thing about this art to me are the eyes, which I think are really amazing. The overall look is lovely, the character’s expression is both pointed and at the same time there’s a hint of seduction in her expression that I do think works really well.

The detail is amazing, I particularly like her hair and horns, and I wish that her entire outfit was visible as it does have a certain flair to it too…



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