An interesting piece of Succubus Sculpture…

Succubus Bust Sculpture by LaCreeperieSome time ago I came across what I think is a rather unique piece of Succubus Sculpture. It’s no longer available, but nonetheless, I did want to share my find nonetheless.

This Succubus Bust Sculpture is by an artist on Etsy calling themselves LaCreeperie. I found this art here, but this link likely isn’t working any longer.

According to the original listing, the sculpture weighs about two pounds and stands a little under fourteen inches in height. The sculpture is created from urethane resin. The sculpture is hand made, hand painted and is one of a kind.

I think this is a striking piece of art, most of all from the expression that this sculpture has. It seems a mixture of seduction and a kind of royal presence that just works really well.

If I was to commission something like this, I’m not sure that the horns would be quite as large, being that I like smaller horns for the most part.

But here, in this overall look, I think they do work quite well…



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