The film is called Succubus, but I don’t really see one…

For this, the last post of 2016 on the Tale, a short film I found on YouTube recently which is titled “Succubus”. While that is the title of the film, it’s more horror than anything else by far, which for me is a bit disappointing honestly. Still it is a film about a Succubus as the film summary notes:

When a young man thinks he’s getting lucky a pretty lady quickly changes his mind.

It is rather short and to the point which is, as well, the film moves into the horror aspects relatively quickly and with some force. There are some squeamish bits, to be sure, one of them being thrown across a room, and you’ll know it when you see it.

If you cannot see this film on the Tale, please try this link:

And, as always, in case YouTube removes the film, here is a still image of the Succubus herself as well…

Succubus Movie Still

She’s somewhat seductive in her human form and when she has her way with her pray, it’s fairly clear what she’s doing and what the end result is. Still, with all of the horror and blood I found that the building up to the reveal got dampened a lot and that’s a shame honestly.

There is shock value, without a doubt, but it makes her more a demoness than a Succubus to me and it might not have had to go that way. I wonder what it would have been like for, perhaps, something more “soul sucking” than “body tearing”…

Something to consider at least…


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    • James on December 31, 2016 at 11:24 pm

    Well, if they called it “Homicidal Monster-Woman” or “PMS-ing Demoness”, you wouldn’t watch it and post about it, now would you?

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