Dec 27 2016

A Review of the Slaves in Atlantis series by Lacy Grand

Mounting Medusa by Lacy Grand

Mounting Medusa by Lacy Grand

There are many different kinds of supernatural erotica of course. From something romantic through things quite horrid. There are moments in the more harsher works where I find myself wondering what’s the point of the story. This happens most of all when there’s really not much plot beyond the sex and not much told about a major character. Not even her name.

A series of three works this time on the Tale in which a succubus rules over all, but her name isn’t spoke, what she wants is too vague for words. But the single thing about her which there is no mistake, is that she is quite the cruel and heartless thing.

I’m going to review the series as a whole, but I’ll only share the first work in the series cover. There are links to the other works listed as well however.

The first story is about:

After a storm leaves their fishing boat damaged, Johan and his friends float aimlessly for days. When they finally see land, an island in the middle of the ocean, they rejoice.

… And then they meet the island’s queen. The men are given two choices: become sex slaves to the island’s inhabitants or die.

Johan finds himself at the queen’s mercy, a position he doesn’t mind as much as he should.

The series overall tells of the experiences of humans that find themselves trapped in Atlantis and at the mercy of the Queen who is a succubus. They suffer all sorts of different fates, some pass on, some are transformed, and worse. The series focuses very little on the characters themselves for the sake of putting them in situations where they are taken by various monsters and myths of legend. Which happens over and over again until someone tires of them and then bad things come.

It’s hard to find a plot, some sort of meaning to the series other than having the humans at the sexual mercy of their captors. The story which appears is just enough to set up the next sex scene before that falls away and the sex, not erotica at least from my perspective, takes over.

What’s bothersome to me is that the character in control of Atlantis, known only as the Queen, describes herself as a succubus, but there’s never a physical description of her. Beyond that, her true name is never spoken as well. As for her character, really she’s far less a seductive succubus than she is a overpowering monster that has her way with anyone, and anything, she desires.

I have a problem with that as there’s just no character development in her, nor for that matter anyone else. The sex is bland and unimaginative, setting aside the creatures that appear that is. I didn’t care for the need to have so many characters brought to their end at the drop of a hat either. There’s no heat in the story, there’s no drive to the series. It just goes in endless circles, from arrival to taunting to submission to sex and, eventually, to an end.

The idea of a succubus ruling Atlantis is interesting, but that story isn’t dealt with. She simply is the Queen, takes her pound of flesh and everyone cowers around her, more or less. As the series moves to the third work, there’s nothing to suggest there’s a point to anything and when the last page is turned I’m left with a series that ends with no direction, no meaning, and no erotica. Considering that a succubus is the core character, or at least driving things, that seems like a waste.

One pitchfork out of five.

The series as a whole simply didn’t do anything for me. There’s no heat, there’s really no story, the characters are cannon fodder, if that. Most of all, the one that controls everything is not named, not described. It just seems a very thin series with no substance to it other than the pain and suffering of the characters.



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