Dec 25 2016

Mistletoed by TeraS

It is Christmas and as such my annual Christmas manip should appear today. It hasn’t been the best of years, by far and I will admit, quite freely, that I had been considering not creating anything this year. With the help of my heart, to make my writing mess far better than it was, here is something you’ll find… under the mistletoe.

Mistletoed by TeraS

Mistletoed by TeraS


And here, with my dearest thanks to my heart… Is the story…


Sitting under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe)
as my will is sinking low,
all thoughts of my own are gone
as my need keeps burning on.
She is lurking everywhere,
but she kissed me, claimed me there.

Lost, my conscious mind would go,
shut down under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe);
her footsteps come, her purr romanced me
just as I sat there, hard, she tranced me,
wrapped in her cherry scent in the air,
perfect, red lips kissed me there.

Her sweet presence held me so,
captured under the mistletoe
(green-like-her-eyes mistletoe)
Her fingers danced; it felt amazing.
Mind, body, soul, I was her plaything.
Deeply enthralled, such bliss I would know,
moaning under the mistletoe.


Wishing all a Happy Christmas and best wishes for the new year…



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