This mask and horns look more like Christmas than Halloween…

Sequin Devil Horns and Mask
I came across this… interesting… costume accessory, and I have to admit that I think this feels more like something for a Christmas Succubi than one at Halloween. Perhaps that’s just me, but really… It does have that “mistletoe” feel to it I think.

This is simply called the Sequin Devil Horns and Mask and it sells for about $15 US at several sites I have found it on.

Really the entire thing, the colour, the tinsel, the sequin pattern, it all screams to me Christmas time, not really Halloween time.

Of course that begs the question as to what an entire Christmas Succubi costume might look like. Which I will admit has given me something to ponder over my eggnog… and I don’t drink eggnog.

I will admit that it is different and unexpected and that does count for something somehow. But for Halloween, this doesn’t quite work.

Perhaps I need to think of something for Christmas instead…



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