Succubi Image of the Week 465

I like the idea of a Succubus Mage quite a lot really and I came across an image which I think would fit that description all things considered. There’s so much going on in this artwork that lends itself to that sort of theme I think…

Succubus by Tigrsasha

Succubus by Tigrsasha

This work is by an artist on DeviantArt called Tigrsasha and you can find the original page with this art on DeviantArt here and this artist’s page can be found here too.

The entire scene here is amazingly well done. From the book of magic to the sigils in the air, through her expression, wings, and form, there is really so much to look at and enjoy here.

Her expression is interesting, mainly for the mix of what might be innocence and at the same time, a kind of knowledge that her powers are flowing and she is about to do something… whatever it may be.

Amazing eyes, lovely textures in her hair, just overall this is a wonderful piece of Succubi art. I do wish she had a tail, but that might be too much here as I think about it.

The background makes me wonder if she’s connected to nature in some way, a sort of Succubus that is intimately connected to the world around her. Not quite a Nymph, perhaps better than one all things considered…



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