Succubus Tales Part I – A Visit from A Queen

Once again this week Second Coming.. isn’t. I have a terrible writer’s block to overcome. However, there are some other stories to share that I haven’t on the Tale. One of them is a series called Succubus Tales that I am writing with my Adored Brother. This series originally appeared on DeviantArt and you can find them here with the images that go along with the stories.

While this particular story is actually the second in the series, I look at it as being the first, at least here on the Tale. From time to time, I’ll be sharing the stories from that universe here on the Tale …

And so … this begins with a succubus called Sophia and a problem she has …


A Visit by a Queen
By TeraS and her Adored Brother


I couldn’t fly forever, no matter how much I wanted to. At some point I would have to return home and prepare for the day, despite that being hours away. I stayed in the darkness and shadows, the night being my cloak and protection from prying eyes. My wings were caressed by the winds, helping to save me energy as I made my way to the balcony of my apartment. Though it took only minutes for me to get from the mountain side to my home, my mind felt that it took hours—hours in which I remembered everything that happened tonight. Alighting on my balcony, I could see through the glass someone sitting on my couch in the darkness, waiting for me. Quietly, I slid the door open and closed it behind me. I wasn’t worried, being immortal; this person wouldn’t be able to harm me. But who it was, and why this person was in my apartment; those were the questions needing answers. My wings fluttered once, then quickly were absorbed into my body again. If this was a mortal, there was no need to share what I was. Crossing the marble floor, my heels clicked in the room, the sound echoing throughout and revealing, to whomever it was, that I was there.

The mystery waiting for me purred in a voice that sent a tremble through my skin: “Forgive me for making myself … comfortable. I do so dislike having to wait, you know.” Her … it was a her, there was no question in my mind of that … Her voice was honeysuckle sweet wrapped in a hint of seduction, a … temptation—there was really no other way to describe it.

“Well if I was expecting a guest, I wouldn’t have.” I responded, with a smirk playing on my lips. I could only see her raven-coloured hair, just slightly darker than the room itself, as I made my way around to see who was there.

She had a bemused chuckle in reply. I felt her laugh play across my skin, making goosebumps appear and causing my thighs to clench. She was one of the succubi, there was no longer any question. The power she held, to tease me with just her words, made me ache. I watched as she raised a hand into the air and flicked her long red nails through her hair: “Oh of course, and, after all, one never knows when I might happen to appear out of thin air.”

I continued to slowly make my way towards her, wanting to know who this was, to see more of her, to know if the voice matched her body. A red leather jacket was the first thing I made out in the darkness. Following that, a black leather bandeau top, hugging some amazing curves, caught what little light there was now in the room. Her long legs were caressed by red leather pants, the same colour as her jacket, leaving no doubt that she had the curves to match the voice. A black leather belt went around her waist, with a matching pair of black leather boots that just went above her ankles completing her look. My eyes wandered over her body, seeking out who she was: “So what brings you to my …” My voice caught as I recognized her. I must have had a stunned expression as I watched her ruby red lips curl in a delicious smile that made me ache to kiss them. My blue eyes were captured by her sparkling emerald pair, they filled with mirth at my expression and confusion. Tilting her head to the right, she traced a fingertip over the rim of a glass of red wine she had been toying with while waiting for me.

“Hello, Sophie. Forgive my being so dramatic with you. I’ve missed you dearly, sweetheart,” the Queen of the Succubi said playfully. No, that’s not quite right; she’d be miffed if I called her that. Her name was Tera … and she loved me.

I blinked at her. I couldn’t believe it. Tera? Here? My mind was whirling as I found myself in her presence, a bit weak, a little needy, and very much worried why she came calling, tonight of all nights. I suddenly realized something and wagged a finger at her: “You know damn well my name is Sophia, Tera.” I couldn’t help but give a small little chuckle as she always called me the wrong name. Tera knew that I didn’t like it and teased me every time when she visited me. The worry came a bit stronger within me as I began: “But if I would have known, I wouldn’t have …”

Tera sighed lightly, still looking at me: “Fully devoured that man you went home with?” It’s amazing how so few words can hurt so much; more so when they come from someone that loved you. “I can see your aura is full of energy … his soul is inside you, too.”

I hung my head. I hoped, actually prayed a little, that Tera wasn’t terribly disappointed in me. I turned away from her gaze, my reply barely heard: “I’m sorry.”

“I know.” Tera put her glass down on the coffee table and rose from the couch, her movements the epitome of sensuality as she did so. I heard her heels clicking now, each one taking her closer to me. Facing me, she placed her right hand on my chin, gently turning my gaze to her once more. Her eyes were soft, accepting of me, even though I didn’t feel that I deserved the next things she said: “I also know that, if you could, you would not kill. I know that; promise.”

I couldn’t help but fight back tears. Tera doesn’t believe in killing those whom she is with. Hell, she doesn’t even call what she does to mortal men and women feeding. Tera calls it partaking in their sexual energy. She takes what she needs to survive, or that is what she tells me. It is a skill I haven’t learned. I had to change the subject, the shame I felt about what I did tonight threatening to overcome me.

“You’re hiding your horns and tail,” I observed. “I have never seen you do that.” Tera is the only succubus that I know who can have them, red of course, and have humans find them sexy. Anyone one else would have our intended meals running away in fear. It exposes us. Tera … is just Tera. She does what she likes, but always for a reason.

“True.” Tera said as her smile got bigger, but she could see right through my bravado. She took my hands and guided me to the couch. She had to help me there; I could barely see the coffee table for my tears. My Queen took a seat next to me, still holding one of my hands and regarding me with those eyes of hers: “I know. If I had been showing them, I couldn’t have teased you a little, and you needed a little teasing sweetheart. Now …” Tera cupped my cheek with her other hand, her entire being now focused on me. I was held in her gaze and then heard the words: “… I want to talk to you.” It’s a shattering experience for we succubi.

Licking my dry lips, tasting my tears, I felt ashamed as I managed: “Of course. I always have time for you, Tera.”

Tera’s smile became a little brighter, and she gave my hand a light squeeze as she explained: “I followed you tonight. I saw … everything. You were marvelous, you know. I was so very proud of you.” She clicked her tongue against her lips, her eyes looking down at my hand in hers: “I saw you with Logan. He was a very nice man. You gave him something he’d never had before, never thought he could have. You gave him … happiness. You were even willing to give him pleasure that only succubi can give. You were, my dearest Sophia, trying to be your best. I need you to know that I was so happy and pleased to see you like that, it meant a great deal that you would.”

The shame lifted as Tera’s words got through to me and I realized that she wasn’t angry with me. More than that, she was … happy for me. I blinked some of the tears away as I managed, “Thank you.”

Tera continued: “You didn’t force the issue of sex upon him, even though I know you dearly wanted to entwine yourself with a soul in the deepest of ways. You accepted that, you understood, and you just wanted a good night kiss.” Tera’s expression, that one she has of simple acceptance, didn’t waver as she went to the next, awful part of what happened: “And, in that kiss, the one you wanted to be chaste, to be joyful, Logan was lost. But you need to understand, Sophia—please try to accept one very important thing—he had what he wanted in that moment. He was happy in your arms, and he doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

I looked away again, trying to break her hold on my chin. I sounded like a broken record: “I’m sorry.”
Tera wouldn’t allow me to do so. She guided my eyes back to her own and I discovered, once again, Tera’s mercy for those she loved: “I don’t blame you. I know you can’t control yourself when you feed. I know why. I know you never were taught by the elder succubi how to control your powers. I know you have never been guided in how to lick instead of bite, how to nibble instead of devour, how to taste and simply know those pleasures.”

“If you mean sip, then you are right,” I said softly.

Tera tilted her head to the left: “Taste, sip, sample, experience. Any of these is the right word, or not. We all have our own words to explain. Perhaps the best way to put things is to say ‘Try to do as little harm as possible.’ Humans are fragile beings. Their bodies and souls burn brightly, but for a short time, and ending that life too soon is … a poor thing to do when one is nearly immortal, as we are. We can’t always manage that, we can be in dire need—starving or worse—and we can lose control. But we have to at least try to be more than the legends say we are. We need to be grateful for what we receive from them.” She traced a finger over my lips in thought: “I heard you thank him for his gift to you. I’m glad you did. It matters, more than you understand. But you will … someday.”

I couldn’t respond. I wanted to cry, the hurting inside from killing Logan was eating at me. I understood that he lives on as part of me, as do many others I have fed on throughout my life. Two hundred years of souls inside of me. How much pain have I caused to so many?

“Now … I didn’t come here to make you sad, my darling Sophia Beauchamp. I came to here to help you.” Tera let go of my chin and hand as she turned back to her wine glass, picking it up and then offering it to me: “I would like, if you are willing and if you will allow me, to teach you how to survive without harming, how to control yourself better, to use less energy, to give you something you haven’t had before: a life where you aren’t on the hunt and can live.”

I blinked at Tera in shock. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I knew Tera’s love was for always, that she would do anything for someone she loved. I knew she did love me, in her own way, but this? To offer a kind of freedom? To lighten the ache inside? I couldn’t quite wrap my mind about that. To no longer have to kill to survive … While Tera doesn’t like admitting it, taking a part of someone’s soul will leave that someone with part of their life span drained, but still alive. I could only nod my head as I took the glass of wine Tera offered to me. Her offer was one I couldn’t refuse.

I found my voice as my fingers clutched the stem of the glass: “Please, Tera? Help me, please.”

She smiled: “I have to, because I love you, sweetheart. I know you like to enjoy a glass of wine after a meal. It’s an interesting thing to do. I hope you don’t mind that I joined you.”

I hadn’t noticed there was another wine glass on the table, along with the bottle Tera had poured from earlier. She took the waiting glass and curled into the corner of the sofa beside me, her legs underneath her, turned to face me once more. I wasn’t comfortable at that moment, the tension of worrying about what she thought slowly ebbing from my body. I looked at her as she leaned back into the couch, an expectant expression on her lips, waiting for my answer.

“I would be honored if you joined me.” I whispered as I waited for Tera to hold her glass towards me. She did so, we tapping them together lightly before we each took a sip.

We were both quiet for a time, sipping at the wine. Tera was looking about the room as she revealed: “I didn’t mean to start this visit on a sorrowful note, but we needed to talk about that first.” Her eyes were twinkling as she continued: “So that you and I could enjoy something more … entertaining.”

“So this visit isn’t just about helping me?” I asked, a slightly playful pout coming to my lips.

“Well, not all of it.” Tera said as she took another sip of her wine. She had a bemused air about her as she continued: “I came to see how you were doing, I understand you are helping—oh, what was her name—Bianca Bordeaux, isn’t it?” She said with a smile, “Such a kinky thing she is.” Tera winked and I saw the naughty look in her eyes that matched, I knew, her thoughts. I couldn’t help but laugh as Tera did that. She always could turn the mood in a room in an instant when she put her mind to it. Mirroring her own moves, I tilted my head to the right and asked: “And how do you know what Bianca likes in bed?” I couldn’t help the smile as she hadn’t told me. Hell, Nathen hasn’t told me, either, but I do know he likes their sex life very much indeed.

Tera twirled a finger in an ebon lock of hair as she pondered: “Oh, I don’t think Bianca would like me kissing and telling. But let’s just say I … encountered her when she was human. She was … quite … enthusiastic. I wish I had known her better then, I’m sure she’s … interesting even now.” I could see Tera’s eyes glint to a memory that she had. It was but a brief moment before Tera chuckled again and looked at me. “If you mention me, I think you’d get to see the most rarest of things: a vampire blushing.”

I shook my head in amazement. Tera had her mysteries, and this was one that I so wanted to know more about … sometime. “Fair enough. Just having that to tease Bianca with a little will be fun.”

“Promise me you’ll just tease her and don’t push her. I don’t want your friendship to be hurt by me. You two have something special, and I’m glad for you both.” Tera said with a smile as we both took a sip from our glasses.

The next hour was nothing like I expected things to be. You might think that it would be all about Tera. The things she’s seen, the stories she has to tell—and, believe me, she has so many of them. But it wasn’t about her, it was all about me. Tera curled up there with me, listening to me talk about whatever came to mind. I found myself talking about my life, about how I had met Bianca and how we became friends. I tried to explain to her what Bianca was working towards for vampires and how inspiring that was to me. I tried to put into words what Bianca meant to me, how much she inspired me, even that I wanted to reveal myself and our kind to them.

Tera didn’t judge my thoughts, though she did express her own desire for the succubi and incubi. While she accepted my point of view, she also explained before we could run, we needed to walk and, before that, we needed to crawl. That was a little confusing; Tera does lover her metaphors, after all. After a time, she explained that those like us were very few, and, if we were widely known, our existence could be at risk. In the end she only asked me to do the right thing.

After a while, the bottle was empty and I found myself nestled comfortably with Tera, the two of us spooned against each other on the sofa. Even though we weren’t naked, I could feel her body heat against my skin. In the quiet of the moment, after I had talked myself out, she lightly was tracing a fingertip around my navel. I couldn’t see her smile, but I could tell she was enjoying this moment with me. I was her singular focus, the only thing that she was thinking about in that moment. Nestling her lips into my hair, she gave a light kiss there, and I shivered at the touch of her lips. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to feel a kiss like that, one where you know she’s put all of herself into that kiss in order to say, without a word, that she found me desirable.

Taking her hand in mine, I kissed her fingertips, one by one, happy to be with her, held by her. It was a simple expression of the love we had for each other. The words came out in a needful little purr as Tera lightly caressed her fingers over my cheek, then around my ear: “You are so beautiful.”

Her answer came with a light smile on her lips: “Because you are, too, sweetheart.”

I had to ask, I couldn’t help myself: “How beautiful am I?”

Tera nudged me to sit up, then guided me to recline on the couch. I was a bit confused by this, but the expression on my lips was replaced by a wanton smile of lust as she straddled herself over me.

I was pinned beneath her, she drawing her hands over my waist, along my arms and, to my needful little whine, tickling her fingers over my bosom. “Your beauty is inside of you. In the love you have. It’s outside of you, in the smile you share. Your beauty is … you, dearest Sophia. It’s always been there. Young you are, but, in time, you will see the truth about yourself as I do.”

I opened my mouth to ask a question, but, before I could, Tera lowered her body to mine. Her breasts pressed deliciously into my own as she came closer, her particular scent of cherries caressing my nose, telling me she desires me. My gasp took away my question and, as she delighted in tracing butterfly kisses along the nape of my neck, all I cared about was exposing more of that neck for Tera to enjoy.

Her lips hovered so close to mine, the heat of her breath thrilling me to my core. Her emerald eyes filled my vision, deep pools of want, love, lust and desire so complete that I was enraptured by her. A soft kiss on my lips, the taste of cherries there, then she whispered: “You have too much clothing on.”

I wanted to tear off my clothes in that moment, bare myself to her completely. She could read me like a book—of course she could—she knew me better than I knew myself, honestly. She rose back up again, her hands rubbing lightly over my sweater as she did so. One moment it was there, the next it was simply … gone.

There I lay, bare from the waist up, save for my jacket. I mewled in passion: “I’m … please, Tera … please …”

She licked her lips and purred, smiling with delight as my breathing became rapid and heated with lust, but not saying a word. She was such a tease at times, but how needful and wet she made me when she was.

“Please …” I begged with passion and desire flowing though my words.

Tera tilted her head to the right, a lock of her wonderful hair falling over one eye. She traced a single finger over my breast. I closed my eyes and my moaning deepened as it escaped me. Hot, wet, and needy now, I could feel her long red fingernail circling around my nipple as it became erect. She did the same with the other exposed breast. I arched my back as she drove me wild with desire for her.

“You are so beautiful like this …” Tera whispered, but she didn’t allow me to move. She leaned once more into me, pressing her lips to mine. The kiss was a deep soul kiss, a kiss that only succubi could really experience fully. Her lips were the perfect pillowy softness, having just the right texture to them. Our lips slipped and played over each other, our tongues wetly sliding, touching, probing deeply within. She moaned into my mouth, passing some of her heat into me as I gave some of mine back to her.

I could taste her passion for me. How she loved me, needed me, wanted me. Her hands cupped my cheeks and mine hers in return. I thrilled at her eyes glowing, knowing my own were as bright, as completely entwined with her. I wanted her, so dearly, so much, so hot now that my body was shivering in bliss. When the kiss broke, Tera took my hand and rubbed it against her cheek. I nibbled the inside of my cheek, wanting to submit to her, to give myself to her in ecstasy. Licking my palm, she asked, in a hot voice that captured my thoughts completely, “Where’s your bedroom, love?”

I had to swallow, her cherry taste caressing down my throat and warming me to my core. My eyes looked towards my bedroom: “O … over there …”

Tera helped me to my feet and led me to my bedroom. She was in control now, but I did not fear, it was the furthest thing from my mind. I wanted her, would do anything to be with her. Knowing that she was going to have her way with me, I almost couldn’t walk. My moan was so wanton: “Tera … please … do anything you want to me … I’m … I’m yours.”

As the backs of my legs bumped into my bed, Tera pulled me into her arms once again and we fell into bed together. “I’m yours, sweetheart,” she purred as she played her fingers over my jacket and my jeans. They soon vanished and I was left with only my boots. Tera, being the tease she was, said with a wink: “I like these. They can stay on.”

I let out a moan as I started to try and tug at Tera’s jacket to get it off but she quietly took hold of my wrists. “Oh pleeeease… please let me see all of you, Tera …” I said in a whiny beg.

“Soon, just not quite yet,” she replied with a sly smile.

That was a promise I could hardly wait to see unfold. I wanted to lick her skin, nibble her, touch every part of her. I wanted to please her, so much so that little else was in my mind.

But she had other ideas first. Imagine, if you can, being at the mercy of a lover that knows what makes you scream in lust; a lover that knows that one spot on your body which, when she licks there, turns your mind to mush as it dribbles out of you; a lover that makes time freeze, holding you on the edge, your voice horse with joy at being taken in every way you’ve been needing for so long. She asks for nothing in return, save to know your bliss, your joy in what she has given you. Tera, more than anyone I’ve ever encountered, is that and more. She plays my body for what seems like days. I have deep needs, and my Queen plumbed them to the core, leaving nothing untouched, unfulfilled. As the last of I-can’t-count-how-many orgasms left me a exhausted wet mess on my sheets, I looked at the clock by my bedside …

An hour; one single hour in her hands and I was aglow in an experience of a lifetime … several lifetimes. I came to my senses and found myself lying there, wrapped in my bedsheets, only with my boots still on, if barely so, and Tera lying next to me, a smile on her face, still fully clothed, her finger tracing my body and one eyebrow arched mischievously.

“Oh, Goddess … that felt good,” I moaned in exhaustion.

She smiled: “Nice to know I haven’t lost my touch. Next time …” she kissed me again, “… bring some chocolate syrup.”

I smiled at Tera as visions of licking that syrup from her skin tempted me. I whined, I didn’t have any syrup. But before I could offer something else, she kissed my shoulder and explained: “There will be a … little intimate party tomorrow. Would you please come? We’ll start your lessons there tomorrow, if you are still interested.”

I nodded at the brunette temptress, still breathing very heavily. “That sounds … good.”

The red tail’s smile was warm and delicious: “Thank you for letting me help, sweetheart.”

My eyes were getting heavy. I couldn’t stay awake after all she had given me. But I smiled—a real, hopeful smile, filled with hope for what she would be able to teach me. A question drifted into my thoughts. Tera had always been known to help any succubi in need. Sleep was gaining on me, but I had to know: “You pleasured me because I was horny, didn’t you?”

She tapped my nose: “I did it because I love you, and you needed me. Remember, sweetheart, that giving pleasure is pleasure for me … just as it is for all succubi. That includes you.”

Tera began to slink out of bed as I started to fall asleep, but I reached out and took a feeble hold of her wrist. My voice was tired, weak, almost not there, but I pleaded with her: “Please don’t leave. Please stay with me.”

My lover smiled, not saying a word, but nodding as she came back into bed with me. I felt her arms wrap around my body as she pressed a kiss to my cheek. “I will watch over you as you sleep. I promise.”

I wasn’t sure if what happened next was a dream or real. She slipped under the sheets with me, bare skin touching my own. Spooning against me, an arm draped over my shoulder, a leg over my own. I was nestled with her, being held by her. “Sleep well, dearest Sophia. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

I nodded softly as I cuddled against my teacher’s warmth: not just warmth from her body, but from all of her. I whispered one last thing before closing my eyes and falling into a restful and peaceful sleep: “Thank you … for everything.”

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