Succubus – A Short Student Film on YouTube

A very short student film today on the Tale that I found on YouTube which has a Succubus as one of the main characters. It isn’t sexual, nor it is what one might call horror. But it has atmosphere and in that comes some interesting moments in which the story is told…

If you cannot see the film here on the Tale, please try this link:

The film is described by the creators as:

Sleep paralysis and an ancestral succubus demon get together into an experimental short film where our main character is tormented by a female demon who is trying to get into his soul.

Here is a still from the film, which gives an idea of the mood, the characters and the succubus herself…

Succubus Student Film Syill

There’s a hint of, if not horror, than certainly suspense in the film and in a lot of ways I liked that fore the tension that built up in the work. It does end on a point that really does beg for more to be told and it’s a shame that it didn’t continue on further.

Being that the plot seems to revolve around the connection between the two characters, I find myself wondering what that is. The way the succubus, or as she is described in the credits, the intruder, looks almost longingly at the male character at one point is I felt haunting.

It is very dark, and by that I mean that being as the film is shot in black and white the shadows in the room seem to overcome just about everything save for the splashes of white in both of the character’s clothing. That does add a lot of texture and mood to the work, and it works well, but it did feel overwhelming at times.

I am very glad that the work didn’t devolve into pure horror, blood and gore, because that happens too often with Succubi. In this, there’s a certain calm and I think that’s the more telling…



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