A Review of The Legend of Elissa series by M. Dunn


The Legend of Elissa - Pulled Over by M. Dunn

The Legend of Elissa – Pulled Over by M. Dunn

A review this time of a pair of stories that tell of a succubus named Elissa. The thing about these books is that while there is story, there is erotica, there’s something missing.

When the main character, who they are most of all, really doesn’t get explored, that’s a shame. Being that the stories are very short, snd focused on Elissa having her way with others, that’s sort of understandable. But really when the character has a story, and that isn’t explored, the story itself is less than it could have otherwise been.

The first work is:

The work tells of:

Late for work and with more pent up energy than is good for her, Elissa speeds down the roads. But when she gets pulled over, and she notices the cop is a woman, busty, and attractive as hell, there’s no way Elissa is paying this fine. In fact, she’s going to have a lot of sizzling fun with this cop.

Elissa’s morning is a mess. From start to finish, nothing’s gone right and her mood isn’t getting any better. A poor choice leads to being pulled over and the possibility of her day getting really bad. However, Elissa is a succubus, and she’s just in the right frame of mind to have one good thing happen in her day.

Rather than reviewing each work on its own, my review will be of the series as a whole. That’s mainly because the problems, and good things, in both are really the same overall.

The Legend of Elissa - The Check-Up by M. Dunn

The Legend of Elissa – The Check-Up by M. Dunn

The second work in the series continues following Elissa as she tries to deal with the minutia and rules that humanity puts on her. Some of them are, at least for her, really a waste of time. But somehow there is always the chance of something interesting happening.

Much like the first work in the series, there’s not a lot of focus spent on Ellisa’s past, who she is or really anything that develops her character. The work is, as a whole, a hot flash, which has some heat, but otherwise there’s not much otherwise in a story, or characters to make it more than it is.

The second work is:

  • Title: The Legend of Elissa – The Check-Up
  • Author: M. Dunn
  • Length: 14 Pages
  • ASIN: B01D8VMKH8
  • Publishing Date: March 20, 2016
  • This work at Amazon.com

The work tells of:

Elissa is ready for her first annual physical, but when she falls head over heels for a young nurse, who doesn’t seem to want our lovely demon, Elissa is forced to come up with another steamy way to seduce young Nurse Lynn. And it involves the Lynn’s busty, brunette boss, Doctor Pinler.

Elissa’s day seems to be one in which she spends the day at her doctor’s office. It’s a waste of time, there’s nothing wrong with her and there never will be. She’s a succubus after all and the tests aren’t going to be a problem. However, Elissa being horny and seeing her doctor and nurse nearby, might make for a better morning at least.

The series can be best described as a pair of hot flashes of erotica with a little bit of story to hold them together. In each, Elissa begins her day being miffed at the world before getting herself into a situation where her succubus powers come into play, she mind controls someone, has sex with them, and then leaves. There’s no time spent in telling Elissa’s own past, who she is, other than a futa succubus, and that’s a problem.

She’s an interesting character and it feels like there’s more to tell about her. How she came to be on Earth isn’t explained, how she’s fit into human culture isn’t explored. Overall, really more time is taken in talking about the humans that Elissa encounters than herself. Ellisa is a mystery throughout save for what she can do, which while being the point of the series, isn’t as interesting as things could be.

The mind control aspects of the stories are a bit flat, the erotica has some heat in it, but even so, that heat isn’t enough to overcome a lack of plot and story. The purpose of both works is just to get Ellisa into a situation where she can have fun with some humans and then walk away from the encounter in a better mood.

The works are short, therefore there isn’t a lot of time to be spent outside of the erotica. I think that the author could have written more about Elissa’s past, perhaps talked about her goals being around humans. There needs to be something more about Elissa than just going around and having sex, which is suggested, but isn’t explored. It needs to be.

Two out of five pitchforks.

There’s not enough story about Elissa herself and that’s the problem. She’s a succubus, she has some interesting powers and she’s a futa. Just saying that and not exploring that leaves a lot of story untold. Story matters, there isn’t enough here and there is so much potential in Ellisa’s character. It would be nice for the author to focus on telling more story than just the erotica.



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