Succubi Image of the Week 461

An drawing of what I think is a lovely, sexy and tempting Succubus today for the Succubi of the Week. Apparently this work is for some sort of game, I am assuming it is called 99 Dragons or similar. Still, she’s very well done, I like the artist’s style quite a lot… I just wish there was a tail here somewhere…

Succubus by shawli

Succubus by shawli

I found this artwork originally on Pixiv and you can find the original page with this art here.

She’s very much a lovely sensual Succubus in a lot of ways… I especially like the look in her eyes and her expression. Her outfit works well, I like that her colours all match or blend together so well too.

Her horns I would normally say look a little large, but here, overall, they seem to fit quite well. I do wish she had a tail however, I think that would have been a nice addition to the overall setting, but then it is rather busy otherwise and doing so might have been a little too much.

Gorgeous hair, her skin tone and shading is amazing too. I like that her wings aren’t ripped or torn very much as considering her overall look, doing so would be quite jarring. Pink and evil doesn’t quite go together.

There’s a story in that somewhere…



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