Succubi Image of the Week 460

There are very few images of Morrigan Aensland that have her in outfits that are different from her usual one. I like the idea of Morrigan being causal, relaxing, and not having to be “out there” all of the time. I found this artwork some time ago and I think it is exactly what she would be like…

Casual Morrigan by ParSujera

Casual Morrigan by ParSujera

This work was done by an artist on DeviantArt called ParSujera, and you can find their artist’s page here and the original page with this art can be found here.

What attracts me to this art, more than anything else, is how right Morrigan looks here. There’s an underlying sexiness about her, but as well that’s tempered a bit by just looking like the girl next door. Now that’s a bit of a stretch I admit, but overall, compared to her usual look, really this is quite “ordinary” looking.

If her wings were invisible, and she can do that, then she would be a well-endowed woman in the crowd which I think is interesting. I love the sunglasses, the look she has, and that little hint of “Yes… I am Morrigan” in her expression.

A fun, cute and well done work of Morrigan Art I thought…



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    • James on November 10, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    Maybe that’s how she looked–no wings showing–before she lifted her glasses.

    Maybe this was an “I could play cat-and-mouse with you, but I just want some of what you’ve got” moment.

    After all, a woman can’t be scheming and planning all the time, can she?

    Maybe . . .

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