Nov 09 2016

A bikini and horns isn’t much of a Succubus costume really…

Sexy Black Naughty Devil CostumeThere are some costumes that appear which are, to my way of thinking, about the least imaginative they can possibly be. It takes more than a pair of horns and some fishnets added to something to make it Succubish. I think that the difference it the imagination and what it brings. Not having that leaves something that doesn’t have much going for it…

This is called the Sexy Black Naughty Devil Costume and it comes with the bikini top and bottom, the fingerless gloves, a faux leather mini collar and the devil horns the model is wearing. The fishnets and shoes are not included and it sells for about $25 US on several sites where I found it.

To be rather blunt, this is really just a bikini with a pair of horns tossed into the package wit the gloves. This isn’t so much sexy or seductive as it is unimaginative and lacking in anything that might be called taste.

It looks cheap, not to mention rather uncomfortable as well. Beyond that, the look of the bikini doesn’t work well in that it seems odd and doesn’t “feel” right. As well the furry horns are one of those that I dislike quite a lot as well.

I think a better costume could be made by just finding a nice bikini, in red, red horns as well. I would ever go so far as to suggest something in latex for the bikini along with a wrap of some kind and some better looking shoes, or, perhaps, knee hight boots or something like that.

This isn’t really so much a Devil costume as it is a bikini with some optional accessories.

One pitchfork out of five.

There are better things to ponder than this is…



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