Sep 22 2016

Succubi Image of the Week 453

Another cute image of the Succubi this week on the Tale. A smile is important, a look matters too. A sexy outfit catches the eyes as does one’s tail too…

Succubus by 音無 涼風

Succubus by 音無 涼風

You can find the original source of this art here on Pixiv. She is just really quite adorable as a Succubus. Lovely hair that contrast well against the dark of her outfit, horns and tail, a cute smile. She has a look that just lends itself to her being fun in so many ways.

Her outfit is quite attractive, and I think speaks to the power that succubi have of hinting and teasing others in so many ways. It’s nice to find art like this which offers something more than simply a succubus looking sexy… She is a succubus with personality, charm, and more…



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