A Review of Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

Sinfully Delicious by Kelly Wilcox

The theme of some works tends to try in mixing a bit of erotica with a bit of horror and, as an aside, throw in some references to various hentai themes. When all of this happens, the focus moves from the seductive and sexy into the more darker tones of erotica before moving rapidly into the realm of horror. It can take a story which, at the beginning, seems to have meaning into not having a lot by the time the story comes to a close.

Fantasy and reality are intertwined sometimes. The difficulty isn’t in separating the two but rather in overcoming one’s own perceptions in time to stop one from overcoming one’s self.

The story is about:

Angel Amy offered him an experience he’d never forget, and this digital devil is about to turn his world upside down.

ito has demons that haunt him and make his life terrible. Amy appears and offers solace for a price and then his life, his world, and his dreams are taken in a direction that run hot, cold and then out of control.

Overall this is a hentai-themed story, the characters, the events, the conclusion all focus on themes  and moments that one usually finds in hentai graphic novels. The erotica isn’t really so much erotica as it is over the top hentai erotica which means the characters do impossible things, the sex turns horrific, and being so those moments didn’t do anything for me.

There was a hint of a story with the main characters, telling their lives, but that soon turned towards Ito encountering Amy and then the reality turned strange, odd and weird. Amy can be described as a succubus, certainly she has the aspects of one, though I think she’s more of a yuki onna. Many of the signs are there in the story, but it’s hard to say exactly what she is because the story really doesn’t tell much about her.

What does come through is what happens to Ito in the aftermath, the far over the top changes in him, the sexual encounters that are a mix of porn and, at times, horror. Again, this didn’t interest me as the story seem to lose its focus, the cohesion needed to make things come together well.

There’s a mystery, overall. The story loses its way when the erotica comes and when that passes the story wanders about aimlessly, much as Ito and others do. As the story progresses towards the conclusion, the hentai takes over, there isn’t really any erotica, it is mainly horror and over the top horror at that which reads as being bizarre.

Personally, I found the story hard to become immersed in, I didn’t have a connection with the characters, the story rambled, Amy wasn’t much of a succubus in a seductive way. This is a hentai, there’s no question considering the characters themselves and that sort of becomes expected from the beginning.

The work has some minor spelling mistakes, but the larger issue is a need for another editing pass to make the narrative more fluid and less stiff. By that I mean at times the writing feels like the author was translating some thoughts from Japanese into English and in doing so there’s something missing in the telling. The ending didn’t really satisfy, it’s a tragic, sad thing but then much of the story has that tone as well.

Perhaps that’s the main issue I have with this work. It’s so desperately sad, without hope, and so much loss for the characters. While that seems to be the point, and what Amy seems to feed upon, I just didn’t find it enjoyable, erotic or seductive.

One and a half out of five pitchforks.

The erotica wasn’t, the story turned rapidly into a hentai-horror tale which didn’t interest me very much at all. Amy could have been seductive and evil, which would have been interesting, but that hentai theme of the story took that away leaving a lot of blood in its wake. Some will enjoy this work for what it is, but I just couldn’t.



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    • James on September 17, 2016 at 12:58 am

    It astonishes me how many people seem to like erotica as a threshold for horror. But it sounds as if both overtake the narrative here.

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