Sep 04 2016

A Review of Veronica’s Awakening: Tales of the Succubus by Twisted Dave

Veronica's Awakening: Tales of the Succubus by Twisted Dave

Veronica’s Awakening: Tales of the Succubus by Twisted Dave

There are some ideas about succubi that give me pause. One of the larger ones is just how it works to have a Succubus that is also a vampire. I can’t quite accept the idea, mainly because a Succubus, at least a “true” one, is a demon and a vampire is an undead being. The two can’t quite go together.

That said, I’m okay with the idea of a “sex vampire” or a “vampire that others call a Succubus because nothing else fits.”

Being attractive isn’t always about what you look like, but rather how you hold yourself. Being strong isn’t always about how much your physical strength is. Many times it comes to just how strong you are mentally and what you have to overcome along the way to your destiny.

The work tells of:

Veronica is introduced to a world she didn’t know existed. Vampires are real and she falls victim to Andre, vampire and club manager in Mobile Alabama. Her world is violently turned upside down.

Veronica attends a club with her friends and finds herself pulled into a world of vampires and being transformed into being one. But Veronica is something more, even before she was turned and that brings about many questions. One of the largest being, just what does it mean to be a Succubus and a vampire and what happens when her newfound powers are more than she’s expected to have.

The work is mainly a vampire themed work, which at one point, after she is turned and shows some of her powers, labels Veronica as a Succubus. She isn’t one as is generally accepted, she’s more of a sex vampire who feeds on blood, semen and, it seems, the souls of those she is intimate with. It’s somewhat unclear exactly what she is feeding on, as at one point in the work she feeds unexpectly on a group of characters to their shock and surprise.

Veronica has the physical aspects of a vampiress, fangs and all, taking blood, and some of the weaknesses of being one. She’s a very sexual, and dominant, though she’s not seemingly aware she is, though the narration notes this for the reader. Later in the work, at one point of the erotica, this matters and becomes a plot point that I thought was interesting.

The erotica is vampire themed, there’s blood, one tragic end that Veronica is responsible for. A D/s erotic scene at the end of the work is very hot and was the best of the fleeting bits of erotica that come out during the story. Much of that is a hot flash, trying for some real heat, but cannot quite manage to get past the focus on blood and Veronica’s own needs.

As a whole the work is written well, I like Veronica as a character, but she needs to be developed more. Many of the supporting characters have their good points, but the aren’t in the story long enough for something to be created from them. There is a balance, a fairly good one, between erotica and story which worked well. But as for this being a story about a Succubus, having someone call Veronica that isn’t quite enough for my liking. I’d like something more to be shown that she is a Succubus and not so much a vampire. That’s unlikely to happen, all of the plot suggests she is a vampire first, possibly a Succubus second.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

I’m not sure I like the way the story seems to be going, mostly in how Veronica suddenly has amazing power and seems to know exactly how to use them without any help in learning them. Some of the events are, as a whole, stereotypical as Veronica seems to be “the chosen one” or something similar. There are questions left unanswered all around her, which I assume will be the focus of the next work in the series.

While I’ll accept Veronica as being a sex vampire, she’s not quite a Succubus, and in all truth there’s just something about her theat I have issues with. I think it’s mainly her personality, more than anything else. Still, I will look for the next work in the series to see just how much of a Succubus Veronica is and if the series is one about a Succubus or a vampiress.

I’m hoping, though I expect not, that it’s the former rather than the latter.



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