A Review of The Demon’s Daughter Gets Laid by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon's Daughter Gets Laid by Nessa Triskelion

The Demon’s Daughter Gets Laid by Nessa Triskelion

One of the themes that isn’t, as a whole, really explored is what I think of as the coming of age of succubi. There has to be a point where they come to terms with themselves, who they are and what they desire. If that happens to involve their mother as well, I think that can be really interesting.

Being a succubus means you can “taste” others. Some are sweet, some are spicy and some are just fowl. In a lot of ways that reflects who they are and what they desire, want or expect from a succubus. But then, at the same time, that also allows the succubus herself to, sometimes, teach them a lesson.

The work tells the story of:

Elodie is caught between the normality of the human world and the magical lust of the demon world. Her mother, a full-fledged succubus, uses her powers and charms to drink up the various delights that come from the human soul when they experience pleasure. She wishes that her daughter would do the same!

It isn’t until she opens up with her own power that she discovers the boy she liked so much is just after her for little more than bragging rights, and his soul tastes disgusting! A meal is a meal for a fledgling succubus, and she wrings as much from him as she can, before ordering herself a much finer meal, in the form of two strapping college athletes…

Elodie has a series of problems to deal with. There’s her mother, who is every bit the succubus she is. There’s her boyfriend, who her mother says he’s every bit not. Along the way, Elodie discovers that she’s every bit the succubus she might be, but then she’s not exactly like her mother either. That doesn’t mean however she can’t take some pointers from mom and find her own way.

The single thing that I most enjoyed about this work was the scene between Elodie and her mother which, as an aside, is never given a name and I think that’s a shame. Really Elodie’s mother has a stellar personality, she’s a wonderfully unique succubus and I would dearly love to know more about her. The chemistry between the two is perfect, the teasing, the love between them and yes, the occasional whining from Elodie along the way just work so well.

One of the questions that is never really talked about is how exactly things work in this universe with succubi and other beings existing with humans. How things play out seems to make it clear that it’s expect, normal, and I wanted to know more about that.

The foundation of the work in the opening is well done, it introduces Elodie and her world well. I liked how her thoughts were explored, what she thought about her mom, about her boyfriend and those around her. Elodie reads as a character with depth, she isn’t stereotypical and that worked really well.

Along the way, of course, Elodie finds out the truth and then the erotica comes into play which takes up the majority of the story. How Elodie’s powers are described, what they do, I liked as it wasn’t cast into the story without purpose. Elodie shape-shifts, she uses a bit of succubus mind control several times as well. She acts quite dominantly throughout the erotica, more so with her boyfriend to teach him a lesson than in the second scene of erotica. But she’s never really “evil” or pushes things to the point where she becomes dislikable. She is herself, she has her own desires and she’s true to them.

The erotica is very much focused on Elodie’s own needs. There’s a bit of narrative along the way which interrupts the erotica from time to time, but doesn’t really derail it. The shift from Elodie at the beginning to Elodie at the end of the story seems to suggest she’s changed a bit, possibly shifting her thoughts more like her mother, but the last page offers a hint that she’s not quite like her mother and I was happy to see that.

The work is short, there’s not enough character development, there’s not enough time spent with Elodie and her mother. There’s only a taste of Elodie’s succubus mind control, a hint of her powers and what she can do. It’s a tease, a really good one, but still a tease. The story takes a back seat to Elodie’s scratching of her feeding itch, which is hot, and I enjoyed that overall. I just feel like there’s more to Elodie than the sex she has.

The ending suggests there is more to be told about Elodie, that this might be the opening of a series. If so, I’d want to know more about her mother, see Elodie come into herself, and learn more about this universe. The balance between erotica and story is a bit off here, but then there isn’t time for the story to develop far enough. Given time it can and should.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

The work is far too short to really develop either Elodie or her mother in anything like what they could be. The opening promises something more, but soon the story falls into being mostly about Elodie having sex and not really telling a story beyond that. However, there is promise here, Elodie is interesting, she seemed to be different than her mother, at least until she figured out her boyfriend. If she can be more than just “needing” but rather “desiring” something different, I think there’s a series to be told in that. The ending suggests there might be a series to follow, I would like to see that happen.



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